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18 Reasons Why

It’s time to say farewell to 2017 and make room for a brand new year! With a new year comes promise, excitement and room for change. We make resolutions for the 12 months ahead and many of us commit ourselves to joining a gym, eating healthier, investing in some yoga classes or signing up for […]

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10 Sleep Tips from the Experts

As Mattress Experts we have collected a few great tips on how to fall asleep and how to sleep well. See below for our top ten tips: #1 Maintaining a regular evening routine can help you to fall asleep sooner. #2 Sleep in a cool, quiet and dark room free from distractions. #3 Regular exercise […]

18 Reasons Why

It’s time to say farewell to 2017 and make room for a brand new year! With a new year comes promise, excitement and room for change. We make resolutions for the 12 months ahead and many of us commit ourselves to joining a gym, eating healthier, investing in some yoga classes or signing up for […]

3 Foods & Drinks to Avoid Before Bed

1. Indian Curry It’s not so much the food in itself that can keep you awake, but rather the heavy spices used in Indian cooking, and the protein in the chicken (if it is a chicken dish). Spices such as tabasco and mustard have the potential to cause heartburn (an irritating and uncomfortable reason to […]

3 Reasons to Consult with a Mattress Expert

1. 80% of People Get Back Pain Australians spend more than $1 billion every year on treatments for back pain, so it makes sense that choosing the right mattress for your individual needs is critical when it comes to spinal health. Sleep allows the body to rejuvenate, both physically and mentally, to ensure you wake […]

5 Tips for the Perfect Winter Den

When the temperature drops and the days shorten, what better way to escape the cold than retreating to a cozy bedroom? The problem is, it seems that bedrooms around the country are in desperate need of a makeover. In a recent study conducted by Sleepy’s, we found 62 per cent of people described their bedroom […]

5 Tips to Sleep Cool This Summer

Too often we play the “covers on/covers off” game all night long; a recipe for a restless sleep. When we move into the heavy heat of summer, we often find ourselves waking up sweaty and unable to settle. With these top 5 Sleepy’s tips, you will be on your way to having a fantastic sleep […]

8 Foods to Help You Sleep

Let’s be honest, as soon as your head hits the pillow all you want to do is actually go to sleep. Not being able to go to sleep can be upsetting, and according to Amanda Gardner, writer from “evidence is piling up that sleep is essential for good health. Although the research is a […]

8 Tips to Combat Jetlag this Holiday Season

Holiday time is finally here! It’s time to start packing your suitcase and getting excited for a new adventure. There’s just one problem – the lengthy flight you have to endure first. Jetlag throws our sleeping patterns into disarray and can make us feel groggy, cranky and sleepy for days or even weeks following the […]

A Franchise and Business Journey

Sunil Narayan has operated Sleepy’s Macgregor since September 2011. In search for a future business opportunity, Sunil found the Sleepy’s model a very attractive proposition. Sunil describes his reasons for choosing Sleepy’s as follows: ‘Sleepy’s has a low cost of entry and is simple to operate when compared to other franchises. Whilst you must put […]

A Miracle Bed that Adjusts to your Lifestyle

When we talk about adjustable beds, most people immediately think of the hospital beds that tilt backwards and forwards. These beds are often found in hospitals because they assist patients with comfort and recovery. But who is to say that only the sick or injured need comfort and recovery? Truth be told, we all need […]

A Sleepy’s Franchise Might Be for You: The Financials

A Sleepy’s investment! Approximate capital outlay required for a new store is $180,000 to $220,000 depending on the size of your store and fit out requirements. Company operated stores are also available for franchising. What’s included in your investment? A simple, proven selling system that works A stable industry with healthy margins Product with leading […]

Adjustable Bed Base Benefits

When we talk about adjustable bed bases, most people immediately think of hospital beds. However, due to advanced technology and stylish fabrics, adjustable beds are becoming a must-have in households to suit all lifestyles. Adjustable beds not only help alleviate health concerns such as back pain, swelling and poor circulation; there are many comfort benefits, […]

An Owl vs A Lark

Are you an Owl or a Lark? A lark – Larks are part of the family Alaudidae. They have elaborate calls with extravagant songs. In literature they are referred to as the daybreak birds as they rise early with their song calls. An owl – Owls are part of the Strigiformes family. Owls are nocturnal birds, they […]

Beauty and the Sleep

“Beauty Sleep” is a term that has always been thrown around, but do you ever question its legitimacy? Turns out, “beauty sleep” is not just a saying we use to let people know it’s time for bed. Within these two words lie plenty of little truths. So if you’re not getting enough sleep, here’s the […]

Becoming a Sleepy’s Franchisee

A Sleepy’s Franchise Offers You the Following: Industry leading ROI Low cost of entry Stable sales growth (same store sales have an average of 7.3% annual growth over the last 4 years) Average monthly sales have increased by 41% since 2010 Average National Gross Profit Margin over the last 4 years 38% – 40% Low […]

Bedroom Oasis

We generally spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, so it stands to reason that we take the time to redecorate this space occasionally. The environments we spend time in have significant impact on our mood, so it is important that our bedroom provokes relaxed and positive feelings. The answer? Turn your bedroom into […]

Best Bedding for Winter

Everyone loves jumping into a warm bed in on a chilly night. Have a look at our favourite bedding options to keep you toasty warm during winter. Flannel sheets Fabric experts say cotton flannel bedding is a fantastic choice in cold weather for extra softness and warmth. Plus, it’s inexpensive! Synthetic quilts If you’re used […]

Binge Watching & Sleep

With Netflix, Stan and other inexpensive streaming services becoming available, it has never been easier to binge watch your favourite TV shows and movies. Most of us are guilty of doing this! Particularly when AutoPlay is activated and when your episode ends, all you have to do is wait 10 seconds for the next one […]

Can an App Really Help You Sleep?

Smart phones are common contributors to lack of sleep and late nights. However, although they often hinder the quality of our sleep, they also have the ability to help. With sleep apps becoming a growing trend, people are now able to use their phones for relaxation instead of stimulation. If you’re one of those people […]

Choosing a Mattress for your Spare Bedroom

It’s the season for guests, and your spare room mattress is old and chunky! While you could be a bit picky with your own mattress, you might be less choosy when buying one for your spare room. If you want to replace it before company comes and you’re not sure what options you have or […]

Choosing Sheets for an Amazing Sleep

Purchasing new sheets for your bed can be an overwhelming and confusing process. There are so many different types and styles of sheet sets to choose from! At Sleepy’s we know the difference a fresh set of sheets can have on the quality of your sleep, and we are here to help simplify the decision […]

Counting Sheep and Selling Sleep

Sleep is the secret key to a healthy and happy life. But most people aren’t aware of this … yet. It’s true. Many don’t realise the importance of a soothing slumber, but in reality it helps us to rest, recuperate and recover. In sleep, our bodies relax but our brains remain active, allowing the day’s […]

Eat, Sleep, Sun, Repeat

Sarah DiGuilio from the Huffington Post believes that we should be walking on sunshine in the mornings. She says, “one of the best things you can do for sleep: get into the sunlight first thing in the morning.” This is true for many reasons: Sunlight increases your Vitamin D intake, which helps the body to […]

Expedition to Sleep

Sleep consultant Lucy Wolfe says “making sleep a priority and considering sleep to be a significant component to your health and wellbeing is a good start to sleeping all night.” People who understand the importance of sleep to their wellbeing generally make more of an effort to ensure that their sleep is healthy. In reward, […]

Franchise Buyer Strategy

Growth Strategy – Sleepy’s Engages ‘Franchise Buyer’ Sleepy’s has recently engaged franchise marketing specialists Franchise Buyer to lift Sleepy’s brand presence to prospective franchisees. The strategy involves a mix of hard copy and digital (Franchisee Buyer magazine), national and state email blasts, franchisee interviews and photography of stores. Key points to interest prospective franchisees are: […]