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ACA Approved Mattresses

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The position of your spine while you sleep can be critical to your health!

Because we care about the vital role that sleep plays in your health and wellbeing, Sleepy’s are the only retailer to carry a range of mattresses tested and endorsed by the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA – previously known as CAA). SleepMaker, in conjunction with the ACA have developed this exclusive range of bedding for postural alignment, relaxation of the muscles and spinal support.

The ACA has long recognised the importance of the relationship between your spine, your mattress and your health. They have worked closely with both SleepMaker and Sleepy’s to design products that comply with a philosophy of excellence, durability and value for money.

All beds in our Chiropractic Collection are rigorously tested by the ACA before being released exclusively through Sleepy’s.

Be your amazing with Sleepy’s Chiro Collection.