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Chase your Dreams for a Sleep Resolution

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Chase your Dreams for a Sleep Resolution

February 1st, 2022

A powerful tool to kicking your new year’s resolutions in 2022 is sleep. Sleep enables your body to function effectively. It sharpens thinking and memory, strengthens physical health and boosts mood and emotional regulation.

Are you getting enough sleep?

To ensure you’re able to perform your best, you need to stop and think about your sleep habits. The Sleep Health Foundation recommends healthy adults need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night. Some people can cope with less sleep and some need much more sleep every night. To kick start your new years resolutions, analysing your sleep habits will allow you make appropriate changes to sleep well in the long term.

Sleeping to your full potential every night generates energy for exercise, helps with weight loss, enhances productivity at work and fosters creative thinking. Quality sleep is also associated with better self-control which makes new years resolutions easier to follow.

Make 2022 your year to prioritise sleep to help you kick your goals.

If you’re looking for tips to improve your sleep hygiene, checkout our Good Sleep Hygiene Tips guide.

Some examples of actionable goal to improve your sleep:

  1. I will stop drinking caffeine after lunchtime because it can interfere with my sleep
  2. I will be in bed with my phone away and lights out by 10pm each night.
  3. I will develop bedtime routine that I follow every night to help me relax.
  4. I will buy a new mattress and pillow to support my body as it recovers during sleep.
  5. I will make an appointment with my doctor to discuss my snoring habits.

The key to successful New Year’s sleep resolution is turning your attention to tailored, concrete actions that represent daily changes to your habits and routines. By reinforcing healthy sleep hygiene, you can create lasting behaviour change that promotes better sleep and all the wellness benefits that come with it.