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Sale runs 1 June - 12 July 2020. See Terms and Conditions.
ACA AGILE Queen Mattress $999 *Normal Ticket Price: $1999 | King Mattress $1249 *Normal Ticket Price: $2499
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Helping young people with high care needs reclaim their amazing

Until July 12th 2020, Sleepy’s, in collaboration with SleepMaker and Flexirest, will be donating $20 for select mattresses and adjustable bases sold. We are proud to be working with Youngcare to enable participants access to suitable, age appropriate care.

Youngcare is a not-for-profit organisation creating choice and independence for young people with high care needs by providing fully accessible and age-appropriate living spaces, grants for equipment, home modifications and support through a national crisis line. Youngcare is creating a future where a young person with high care needs can enjoy the freedom and choice we all deserve.

Australian made & made for you
Each mattress is made especially for you, right here in Australia.

Provides customers with peace of mind when purchasing a new mattress. Terms & Conditions apply.

Free old mattress removal
When we deliver, our team will remove your old mattress at no extra charge! Terms & Conditions apply.

Discover What's Inside

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ACA Endorsed

This mattress has been tested and endorsed by the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA – previously known as CAA).

Temperature Management

This mattress has been designed with materials to help maintain a neutral temperature during sleep.

Suits Adjustable

This mattress can be paired with an adjustable bed base.

Partner Disturbance

This mattress contains an individual pocket spring design to reduce movement across the mattress and minimise partner disturbance.


A coating material that absorbs excess heat from the body, stores it, and releases it as needed.

ACA PRIME Queen Mattress $1799 *Normal Ticket Price: $3599 | King Mattress $2249 *Normal Ticket Price: $4499

Are you suffering from back pain?

If you find yourself constantly changing your position to get comfortable in bed, an adjustable base could be the perfect solution for you. An adjustable bed base can tilt, bend and follow the lines of your body to offer complete support and pressure relief. Whether you are looking for additional back support while you sleep, or a comfortable place to relax at home, an adjustable base makes a great addition to any bedroom.


Intense Knit Fabric

This mattress comes with Intense fabric which actively repels dust & lowers body voltage for a deeper sleep.

Graphene Infused Memory Foam

This mattress contains graphene infused memory foam for conformability and reduced heat build up.

Gel Infused Memory Foam

This mattress contains gel infused memory foam with pressure relief and temperature management qualities.

Pocket Spring

The support system in this mattress contains individual pockets which respond independently to movements & reduce partner disturbance.


The support system in this mattress is a robust continuous coil spring, providing a highly supportive sleep surface.

Assisting Your Recovery

Hourglass Leg Rest

The unique hourglass shape has been designed to adjust to your needs. It will support you wherever you need it most; whether it be your neck, shoulders, back or legs.

Bed Wedge Premium

Looking for a little extra back, neck or shoulder elevation? Simply rest the wedge underneath your body or mattress for a gentle lift.

Your pillow is a significant contributing factor to your posture

Pillows are equally as important as your mattress; you could find the perfect mattress for your body type but if your pillow is old or lumpy, it could be hindering your spinal alignment and therefore the quality of your sleep. If you need to fold, scrunch, bend or wrinkle your pillow in order to get comfortable, this is a strong indication that it needs replacing.

If your neck and shoulders are not sufficiently supported, or propped at an angle that causes straining or twisting, this puts your spine and body out of alignment leading to pain, discomfort and sleeplessness.

Don’t forget that your sleeping position matters to your pillow choice. For example, back sleepers and stomach sleepers may need a low profile pillow to avoid craning the neck; side sleepers may require something higher to support the curve of the neck.

CHIRO CONNECT Queen Mattress $1999 *Normal Ticket Price: $3999 | King Mattress $2449 *Normal Ticket Price: $4999

If you or your partner sweat while you sleep, a mattress containing cooling gels can help whisk heat away from the body, allowing you to sleep soundly through the night.

JADE CONTOUR Queen Mattress $1899 *Normal Ticket Price: $3799 | King Mattress $2349 *Normal Ticket Price: $4699

Your quality of sleep may be affected if you’re sharing a bed with a partner who is a restless sleeper. Sleepy’s offer a wide range of mattresses designed to minimise movement, resulting in a peaceful night’s sleep.

Partner Disturbance is what we call the movement created across the mattress when you or your partner toss and turn in bed during the night. Due to their individual coil construction, pocket springs inherently absorb this ‘movement’ directly underneath the sleeper instead of spreading it across the bed. When couples lie on a pocket spring mattress, the reduction of movement is one of the first benefits they experience. Another key benefit of pocket spring mattresses is that they contour to your unique body shape. Each pocket spring within the mattress responds to the pressure applied. This results in remarkable conformability while also providing your spine with sufficient support.

^Available in store only.

^Derby Bedhead & Designer base Package (Amy Fabric) Queen Size $949 *Normal Ticket Price: $1149
^Eden Bedhead & Designer base Package (Amy Fabric) Queen Size $949 *Normal Ticket Price: $1149

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Terms & Conditions

*Terms and conditions apply. Sale runs June 1st - July 12th 2020. Discounts are applied to normal ticket prices. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Not valid with any other offer. No rainchecks. Not all products may be available in all stores. Offer available on selected sizes only. Contact 1300 722 718 to see product selection at your closest store. Finance not available on sale items. Accessories not included. This offer is available on limited design only. See staff for full details.