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Body, Mind, Sleep

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Our Purely Essential collection is aimed to help your mind and body relax after the events of the day to help you enjoy a peaceful sleep. Reclaim your amazing with our hand-crafted range of bath and body products exclusively American made in California. Indulge in luxurious scents of lavender, tangerine, rosemary and peppermint. A range of hand cream, bath cubes, lip balm and pillow sprays that compliment your body in preparation for sleep.

Purely Essential Travel Candle

Bring an aroma of calm and delicacy into your sleeping oasis with our Purely Essential travel candle collection. Available in crisp Rosemary and harmonious Lavender, every candle embodies a luxurious, beautiful aroma to promote a healthy night’s sleep.

Purely Essential Pillow Spray

To guide you in the recuperation process, our Purely Essential Pillow Spray range will help you unwind and relax into a great night’s sleep. The light mist forms a calming and therapeutic aroma of either Lavender or Rosemary to ensure you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to be your amazing!

Purely Essential Fizzy Bath Cubes

If you enjoy a relaxing warm bath before bed our Fizzy Bath Cube essential oil blends are the perfect addition to your bathing routine. Soothe muscle tension before you sleep with either our Rosemary or Lavender scented fizzy bath cubes, and reclaim your amazing!

Purely Essential Hand Cream

Soothe your hands with our silky and moisturising, day or night, Purely Essential Hand Cream. A botanical cocktail of ginseng, cucumber and comfrey combined with either Lavender or Rosemary excite your senses and leave your hands feeling velvety smooth.

Purely Essential Lip Balm

Protect your lips against moisture loss with our Purely Essential range of long lasting lip balms. Available in two delicious flavours, Tangerine and Peppermint, our lip balms will provide daily comfort for dry lips.

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