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All About Mattress Warranties

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All About Mattress Warranties

December 14th, 2021

Your mattress is an investment from a health and monetary point of view. Whenever purchasing a mattress, people fear the product will be faulty. Hence, manufacturers include a warranty to provide peace of mind and financial security.

A warranty refers to detailed terms guaranteeing you won’t have to pay large sums of money to repair or replace a defectives product. Understanding mattress guarantee prepares you when filing a claim to prevent voiding your warranty. In this article, we explain what mattress warranty covers are and how to prevent voiding them.


What Is A Mattress Warranty?

A mattress warranty is a set time frame when the mattress manufacturer repair, replaces, or refunds your mattress in case of a defect or fault. It comprises certain conditions as agreed with the seller. The manufacturer provides a mattress guarantee to perform its essential functions. The manufacturer also determines if the fault is a “minor problem” or a “major problem” and will elect to repair or replace based on their assessment.

There is both a spoken and written mattress warranty. Large purchases have written mattress guarantees that last between 5 and 20 years. Spoken warranties happen when a salesperson verbally commits to a warranty. However, you need the spoken warranties in writing of validity.


What Does A Mattress Warranty Cover?

The mattress warranty differs depending on the manufacturer and coverage. However, they contain similar coverage and wording. Here are some of the common issues and mattress guarantees.


1.     Sagging

Sagging is the most common issue claimed against a mattress warranty. Every mattress should maintain a solid and even support structure during the warranty period. If a mattress sags prematurely, it may be a sign of a defect or fault.

Body impressions are a natural development in a mattress as the comfort layers settle and contour to your body shape.  This is very different from a “sagging” feeling which is usually felt deeper within the mattress.  Most manufacturers warranties allow for up to 35mm of height adjustment in the top comfort layers as “normal” body impressions.

The mattress warranty will cover a specific sagging depth for your mattress.


2.     Faulty Materials

A mattress warranty covers material qualities and condition. If the springs break, if the fabric deteriorates, if the sides collapse under normal usage of the mattress, you can make a claim to the manufacturer, and they will assess the issue and let you know if they will make repairs to your mattress or if it needs to be replaced.

What’s Not Covered Under Mattress Warranty?

A mattress warranty does not last forever. After a period of using the mattress, you can’t return it for repair or replacement. Also, the mattress guarantee will not cover repairs for everyday issues such as slight cosmetic flaws.


1.     Normal wear and tear

A mattress warranty will not cover the minor imperfections of prolonged use. This includes physical flaws such as discolouration and lumpiness (aka body impressions) that appear over time with normal usage. They are not defects but a sign that the mattress is old or aging.


2.     User-inflicted damage

A mattress warranty will not cover user-inflicted damage such as scratched or torn fabric, broken springs. For example, sagging because of jumping on your bed is self-inflicted damage. The manufacturers mattress warranty will not cover the repairs or replacement for such damages.


3.     Dissatisfaction with the product

The mattress warranty will not replace your mattress if you decide you are unhappy with it. For example, it won’t cover your dissatisfaction with the mattress’s size, feel and/or performance. Sleepy’s Comfort Exchange Guarantee exists to provide peace of mind for customers who want to change the feel or support within the first 60 nights of purchasing a new mattress.

What Voids A Mattress Warranty?

The manufacturer will not refund or replace a mattress if you void your warranty. For example, customer negligence and failure to follow the directions specified on a mattress. Here is what can void a mattress manufacturer’s warranty:


1.     Removal of the law tag

Removing the Barcode Tag on a mattress voids your mattress warranty immediately. This small tag is proof of purchase for mattress manufacturers. You should always leave it intact and include a photograph of it when claiming a mattress warranty.


2.     Stains

If the mattress is unsanitary or contaminated through food, insect infestation, fluid or drink spills, your mattress warranty could be voided. Liquids can corrode the foam, fabrics and raw materials used in mattresses material, causing them to break down and lose structural integrity. Liquid damage and insect infestations are also unsafe and unsanitary. Hence, use a mattress protector to protect it from stains.


3.     Unsupportive foundation

You may void a mattress warranty if your base is old or lacks a stability bar. Using the mattress on the floor can also affect your warranty due to dust and rapid wear.


4.     You are not the original purchaser of the mattress

You must provide proof of purchase or register your mattress with the manufacturer to make a claim. The warranty is not transferrable to another person who purchases the mattress from the original owner.

Warranties vs. Sleep Trials

There’s a difference between warranty and sleep mattress trials, where a warranty is not the same as a sleep trial. The sleep mattress trial is a period when the retailer provides a timeframe for you to exchange your mattress if the feel or support is not right for you making a warranty claim.

The sleep trial starts when you take a mattress home and sleep on it for a certain period, usually between 90 and 120 days.  There are many terms and conditions associated with these agreements, it is best to understand them completely and ask questions if you are unsure.

A mattress warranty begins on the date of the original purchase and is not transferrable if you buy a second hand mattress.


Sleepy’s Comfort Exchange Guarantee

When you purchase a new mattress from Sleepy’s, we offer you a Comfort Exchange Guarantee. It allows you to replace a mattress if you find the original purchase to have the wrong comfort level or support. If a new mattress dissatisfies you within 60 nights, you can discuss an alternative mattress solution with the salesperson. This is a one-time exchange and terms and agreements apply.


Bottom Line

When you buy a new mattress from Sleepy’s, you enter our Be Amazing alliance, where we email reminders to rotate your mattress to help improve the longevity of your mattress and avoid warranty claims.  If you do need to make a claim, you can contact the Sleepy’s store where you purchased your mattress and they will help you facilitate the initial contact and claim with the manufacturer.  We will be there to support you through the warranty process.