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Sleepy’s Favourites

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Sleepy’s Favourites

February 12th, 2023

With the concept of sleep increasingly becoming the key to a happier, healthier life, we’d like to share a few of our favourite products to aid your amazing journey to sleep! 

ACA Endorsement & Back Support  

ACA Emerge  

Sleepy’s exclusive tested and endorsed collection with the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA), is a popular product range. Our ACA Emerge is a consistent number 1 seller with amazing back support, using Australian Made Pocket Springs. Built to conform to the shape of your body for tailored support on the shoulders, hips and back. SleepMaker’s Active Sense 5 zoned Australian Made Pocket Springs are the shining star of the support system. Visit your local Sleepy’s store today and try it out! 

Aesthetics and Practicality on Point  

Flexi Gold Bed Frame Package  

A stylistic choice and one for those who are practical, the Flexi Gold Bed Frame Package is a combination of an adjustable base and a bedhead in a soft-to-touch Pewter fabric. With the Flexi Gold Bed Frame Package, you can choose to rest in multiple positions, designed to maximise independent mobility and improve sleep quality. You can easily watch TV, work on your laptop, book your next trip and stay comfortable, all whilst keeping your spine aligned. For convenience the base has a wireless remote control with independent head, foot and pre-set position. By adding a wonderful Sleepy’s mattress to this bed frame you’ll be sleeping in absolute serenity whilst looking the part too.  

Available in a Queen and King size only. Pewter is currently the only colour option.  

Natural Materials  


The ecoVibe is Sleepy’s first mattress collection to include hemp fibres in the top panel. Hemp fibres are combined with Climatex Quilt and wool underneath create breathability benefits in the mattress. Made from the hemp plant, hemp fibres are durable and hygienic, and have antimicrobial qualities. The farming of hemp plants produces twice as much fibre while using less water and reduced pesticides to grow on infertile ground. 

Budget Friendly  


If you’re looking for something that is supportive and budget friendly the Seoni will have your back. Available in 4 feels to suit your body and your sleep habits. Proudly Australian Made the pocket spring design helps to reduce partner disturbance across the mattress.  

Active Recovery  

Sports Performance Repair  

To help you sleep well and recover overnight, the Sports Performance Repair includes technologies that help your body recuperate. Using Scientifically proven intense fabric used on top of the panel allows for a deeper and more relaxed sleep by freeing the body to static tension. The comfort layers have graphene-infused memory foam or gel-visco which whisks heat away and provides comfort and support without excessive heat build-up. Sports Performance Repair is also a part of our Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA) tested and endorsed collection, so you know you’re investing in your body’s health.  

If you want to make an appointment to try any of these amazing mattresses with a Bed Fit Specialist consultant, you can complete our form online 

Visit Sleepy’s today so we can help reclaim your sleep and be your amazing!