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As the name presents, Sleepy’s exclusive ecoVibe Collection is designed with the latest in eco-friendly materials to transmit a sense of calm. Encompassing the latest in natural materials, hemp fibres are utilised in the top panel with Climatex Quilt and wool underneath for breathability. Made from the hemp plant, hemp fibres are durable and hygienic, due to the antimicrobial qualities. Often described as eco-friendly, the farming of hemp plants produce twice as much fibre while using less water and reduced pesticides to grow on infertile ground. This mattress is supported by 3-zoned mini pocket springs which have a higher coil count than traditional pocket springs, to beautifully conform to your body shape. The springs sit inside a firm high density foam box for added edge support which allows you to sleep all the way to the edge of the mattress. Designed to suit adjustable bases, each mattress in the ecoVibe Collection comes with 10-year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.

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  1. Elisha Lionnet

    Brilliant, fantastic, amazing. 5 stars isn’t enough.

    I was suffering from lower back and hip pain, my husband had lower back pain and calf muscle spasms during the night.
    Our issues are now completely gone thanks to this wonderful mattress.

    The staff member we dealt with at sleepy West Ipswich was also fantastic and knowledgeable.

  2. Mia

    Having spent weeks looking for a new mattress, some just okay and many extremely uncomfortable (not to mention expensive) I had almost given up and settled for the least-worst mattress at another store.

    It was a revelation to go to Sleepy’s and have a sales assistant actually look at the way the mattress I was trying ‘fit’ me before recommending the ecovibe. I knew the minute I laid on it that this was the perfect mattress for me- not too soft, not too firm (a lot of other mattresses I tried were both at once, overly soft topper and then you sink down to a hard base, but there’s none of that with the ecovibe), allowing for great head and spine alignment, and the natural materials and springs mean it won’t get too hot.

    I’ve now been sleeping on the ecovibe for over a year and experience less backpain, better temperature evenness when I sleep, and I fall asleep faster and don’t wake up due to being uncomfortable. Even though it’s a spring mattress it’s silent as I move around (unlike my old spring mattress which creaked and groaned). Can’t recommend the ecovibe enough!

  3. Trish coombes

    This mattress is amazing. Beautiful comfort had to buy one for the whole family . Highly recommend

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