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How to Pick a Pocket

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How to Pick a Pocket

October 6th, 2016

Many people have the same idea about what’s really inside a mattress. Mostly they suspect it is made of a series of wires that keep everything in shape. What you might not consider is the thought and reasons behind how a mattress is configured, and how this affects comfort, support and, ultimately, how it suits your needs.

Pocket spring mattresses are just that; a series of individual pockets made from a strong but flexible material that holds a coil of wire. It is the gauge, strength and rotation of the wire that gives a bed its “feel” and the way that it responds when you lie on it.

As a general rule, these individual springs move and flex independently of each other, which means that the person lying next to you is less likely to create a wave or ripple effect every time they move, giving you both a peaceful night’s rest.

Having these individual elements in the formation of the bed also means that “zones” are created to support your hips, shoulder, spine and pressure points while you sleep. The thickness or rotation of the wire forming the spring can be altered to elevate or conform to your body depending on the shape. For example, the springs in the hip and shoulder area often have an extra turn in the spring, creating a softer feel that moulds to those areas, promoting spinal alignment. Beds with this technology can have three, five or seven zones to meet the requirements of people of all shapes and sizes.

Further innovations in pocket spring mattress design include spring-on-spring configurations, where two layers of springs work in conjunction with each other. We refer to these advanced construction systems as “relationship” beds because each sleeper’s needs are catered to, even when there is a significant difference in height and weight. A trained mattress expert can assist you in choosing the option that best suits your body and lifestyle.

The latest advance in spring mattress construction involves incorporating the pockets into a robust, supportive foam core. Having a stable foam core provides a number of benefits such as advanced hygiene properties, durability and superior pressure relief.

Whichever bed you ultimately choose, the right combination of the core composition and comfort layers should create a supportive and relaxing environment for you to get the best sleep possible. Talk to one of our friendly mattress experts today, to find out more about pocket spring mattresses.

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