Adjustable Bed Bases

The adjustable bed base can tilt, bend and follow the lines of your body to offer complete support, pressure relief and exceptional comfort for an amazing night’s sleep.




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Flexi Gold Foldable Adjustable Base


The Flexi Gold Foldable adjustable base is a quality entry level product into the adjustable base market. It features 70-degree angle elevation for head and foot placement. This model is a slimline de...

Size: Long Single, King Single, Double, Queen

230i Adjustable Base


This base can tilt and bend to follow the lines of your body and movement for the best possible pressure relief. If you experience back pain, aching joints or muscle soreness this base can be position...

Size: Long Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King

Flexi Lift HealthCare “High Low” Adjustable Base


Adjustable bases can help to promote mobility, comfort and well-being in your most personal space, your bedroom. The Flexi Lift is TGA Class 1 compliant and is suitable for those who may have restrict...

Size: Long Single, King Single

Flexi Elite Adjustable Base


Our bedrooms are not just a space to sleep, they have also become a personal retreat to relax and restore our mind and bodies.  An adjustable base is a perfect tool to combine necessity and comfort a...

Size: Long Single, King Single, Queen

Flexi Platinum Adjustable Base


Our Flexi Platinum base is TGA compliant and will adjust effortlessly to your body delivering support in various positions using the pre-set positions or finding your own customised shape. The base fe...

Size: Long Single, King Single, Double, Queen