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An Owl vs A Lark

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An Owl vs A Lark

October 13th, 2014

Are you an Owl or a Lark?

A lark – Larks are part of the family Alaudidae. They have elaborate calls with extravagant songs. In literature they are referred to as the daybreak birds as they rise early with their song calls.

An owl – Owls are part of the Strigiformes family. Owls are nocturnal birds, they will hunt their prey through the night and rest during the day.

We were lucky enough to have Dr Carmel Harrington as our guest speaker at our conference, who presented this question to us: are you a lark or an owl? Referring to a Lark or an Owl allows us to understand our sleeping patterns, our peak alert times and the time period where we are most productive.

Here are a few key indications whether you are a Lark or an Owl –

A lark:

  • Goes to bed early
  • Wakes up early – sometimes without an alarm!
  • Most productive in the mornings
  • Peak of alertness is generally between 8am-10am
  • An extreme lark will wake up early and not be able to get to sleep
  • Thrives off making the most of the morning
  • Isn’t afraid of missing out on night activities to go to bed early for the morning ahead

An owl:

  • Would rather go to bed late
  • Wakes up late morning or early afternoon
  • Struggles to get out of bed in the early mornings
  • Prefers sleeping in over making the most of the day
  • Peak time is afternoon and into the night
  • Would prefer to start work later and work into the night

As Dr Harrington explains “There are some people who seem to be quite judgmental about owls, believing they are lazier and less productive than larks, however there is no research to show either type has any advantage over the other.”

To be the most productive, it is key to learn your individual pattern of alertness to know when you are most productive in the day. When we know what our peak times are, we can time-manage our day to get the most out of it. This is the same for our sleeping patterns. Knowing if you are a lark or an owl can help you to understand why you find it hard to get out of bed in the morning or why you may struggle working at night.

Dr Harrington knows how important sleep is, as well as knowing how important the right mattress is in achieving a good night’s sleep. Having the support of a mattress will allow both the Larks and the Owls a great night’s sleep.

Sleep Healthy!