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18 Reasons Why

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18 Reasons Why

December 31st, 2018

It’s time to say farewell to 2018 and make room for a brand new year!

With a new year comes promise, excitement and room for change. We make resolutions for the 12 months ahead and many of us commit ourselves to joining a gym, eating healthier, investing in some yoga classes or signing up for healthy meal plans.

But don’t make the common mistake of underestimating the influence sleep has on our health and wellbeing. If your mattress is anywhere between 5-10 years old; if it is sunken, sagging or worn out, it is definitely time for an upgrade. It’s always a good decision to take better care of ourselves in daylight hours, but it is equally important to nurture our sleeping selves.

Sleep is a VITAL part of our health, and should become a priority when we reset for 2018.

Don’t believe us? Here are 18 Reasons Why:

1. Better Memory. During sleep your brain is surprisingly busy, so if you’re trying to learn something new you will find your memorisation of the facts will be far more effective after a sufficient night’s sleep.

2. Healthy Skin. Your skin produces collagen while you sleep to make your skin glow with healthy blood flow!

3. Sleep is the best medicine! Lack of sleep can weaken the immune system, increasing your chances of picking up illness or infection.

4. Optimal Performance. Your performance and productivity at work will be much higher if you’ve had a sufficient night’s rest to recharge and reset your brain.

5. Weight Loss. If you are looking to lose some weight at the gym following the Christmas period, a healthy night’s sleep is imperative to helping your muscles recover and assisting your weight loss journey. Additionally, if you’re asleep you won’t be tempted to snack. Remember, a tired brain is always hungry!

6. Quality of Life. If we sleep better, we live better! Studies also show that we can live longer if we sleep between 7-9 hours each night.

7. Social Life. Take care of your social life by taking care of yourself! Sleep will improve your energy levels, positivity, enthusiasm; all great qualities for a friend you want around!

8. High Attention Span. If you’re going to study a course or engage in some training, make sure you sleep well so you can pay attention for longer whilst retaining the information you take in. This is especially important for those sitting exams!

9. Better Health. Studies show that poor sleepers have a greater risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and depression; so make sure you’re getting your 7-9 hours!

10. Bright Eyes. Bags under the eyes are not a good look, but puffiness can be avoided by getting the Z’s you need!

11. Avoid Headaches. Studies have shown that headaches and migraines can be linked to the quality of your sleep routine.

12. Avoid Accidents. Accidents can be inevitable if we are tired or run down; this is dangerous and may result in workplace related injuries or car accidents. Reduce your chances by sleeping healthy!

13. Save Money. A good sleep each day keeps the doctor away! Reduce your doctor/chiropractor/ physiotherapist visits by sleeping for 7-9 hours every night and at the same time each day if you can. Also make sure your mattress is in good shape and supports your spine (Sleepy’s CAA range is our recommendation). You will notice a difference!

14. Better Reaction Time. Did you know your reaction time is quicker if you have been sleeping well? This is an important part of minimising your chances of accident or injury.

15. Athletic Performance. This goes in hand-in-hand with weight loss but if you’re a runner, swimmer or working towards a goal or record, sleep will help you achieve that goal by ensuring your body is not fatigued and recovers well from workouts.

16. Informed Decision Making. You’ll be in a better position to make decisions if you have had time to ‘sleep on it’. This includes important work-related decisions or financial decisions you shouldn’t be taking lightly!

17. Better Vision. Believe it or not, you will actually see better if you are sleeping properly. When we don’t sleep our bodies are tired and our eyes are tired, leading to changes and errors in our vision. Again, this can be difficult at work, and dangerous when we are driving or operating machinery.

18. OVERALL HAPPINESS! Studies show we stress less when we sleep more. By getting the recommended hours of sleep our brains are refreshed and we will be ready to tackle each day with a smile J

If you think it might be time to invest in your sleep health, visit the team of mattress experts at your local Sleepy’s store. They will fit you to a mattress that suits your sleeping needs and preferences while providing the ultimate support and comfort depending on your individual circumstances. We understand that the Christmas holidays can be a costly time of year; that’s why we will also tailor our mattress match experience to incorporate your budget as best we can.

What are you waiting for? Kick start your 2019 with an AMAZING night’s sleep.

Happy New Year, & Sleep Healthy!

-The Sleepy’s Team