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Avoid Overheating this Summer

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Avoid Overheating this Summer

December 22nd, 2022

Australian Summer can be brutal with the hottest months spanning over December, January and February. Although climates vary greatly from one region to the next, Aussie Summers are reliably warm with brief heat waves.

Trying to fall asleep during the summer heat can become a little more difficult and uncomfortable, than in other months of the year. Even with a fan or air conditioning in your bedroom, there are likely to be times you wish your bed was cooler. Research shows humans sleep most soundly when the temperature is 17 to 19 degrees Celsius. Your mattress may be the cause of overheating during sleep. We refer to these people as “Hot Sleepers.”

If you or your partner overheat while you sleep, a mattress containing cooling gels can help whisk heat away from the body, providing an environment to assist in a restful night’s sleep. To help you sleep comfortably in the summer months we’ve compiled a list of features to look for in a Sleepy’s mattress, so you can stay cool night after night.


Quilt Top Layer

The top panel of your mattress is the first point of contact with your body, luckily there are a number of materials to keep the surface fresh and breathable.

Climatex Quilt

Sleepy’s SleepMaker mattresses contain Climatex Quilt which provide breathability to help reduce heat build-up. A combination of a high loft fibre with a superfine structure creates that breathability.


A cooling fabric that is naturally breathable and has the perk of being soft-to-touch.


Comfort Layer

The comfort layer of the mattress often includes foams, new technologies and spring systems. There are always new foam technologies that are designed to enhance your sleeping experience. Often these are a combination of two technologies to ensure you enjoy the benefits of both.  The technologies mentioned below are the best options to ensure the middle of your mattress works hard to keep your body temperature cool.


A great alleviator of pressure points, latex is a natural material and is breathable for maximum ventilation.

Gel-infused Memory Foam

Pressure relieving memory foam combined with gel particles. The gel particle assists in keeping you cool whilst sleeping.

Column gel

A unique design, Column gel uses hollow columns constructed of pure gel to allow air to flow easily throughout the mattress, keeping it cool.



Copper Gel

A combination of copper and viscoelastic memory foam, the Copper and gel particles come into contact to assist in thermos regulation to effectively wick away heat.



Kulkote is a coating material that is applied to the mattress foams. It’s designed to absorb excess heat from the mattress, store it and then release the heat back to the sleeper as needed.


Graphene Infused Memory Foam

Memory foam combined with micro graphene particles to help remove heat away from the surface of the body. Graphene is highly conductive and assists in temperature regulation.


To find a mattress that helps regulate your body temperature in the summer months, keeping you cool, look for the above icons on our mattresses. Check out our Find Your Mattress survey to find the perfect mattress for your needs.