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The Science of Falling Asleep

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The Science of Falling Asleep

April 29th, 2018

Can’t sleep? You’re not alone; inability to sleep affects most of us at some stage in our lives. It can be inconvenient, frustrating, exhausting, etc, etc.

But don’t worry! There are several scientifically supported and simple tricks you can keep up your sleeve to quicken your journey to dreamland (these are worth trying!)

*Wear Socks to bed. According to a Swiss study, warm feet and hands are linked to rapid sleep onset. In the study, participants placed a hot water bottle at their feet to assist with a quicker transition into sleep; the shifting blood flow works in combination with your melatonin levels!

*Candlelight. Why not enjoy a romantic dinner by candlelight? The less blue light you expose yourself to in the hours before bed, the better! This is why we strongly discourage the use of your smartphone or tablet in these hours. Candlelight is soft and unobtrusive so it is less likely to have an effect on your melatonin levels.

*Hide your clock. Even if you can’t hear the ticking, even if it’s not facing you, even if you have an alarm set, just hide it. Clocks are a major cause of anxiety and as Charlotte Bronte said, “a ruffled mind makes a restless pillow”.

*Blow Bubbles. You might not have any bubbles laying around but they are inexpensive and this method is worth trying! Bubbles are somewhat hypnotic to look at as they float around in silence. Additionally, the process of blowing bubbles forces you to inhale and exhale at a slow pace which may help to rid your body and mind of any restless thoughts.

There is a significant amount of science that goes into the construction of a mattress, so if you are needing any further help falling asleep a new bed may be your next step!

Our Chiropractic Collection of mattresses for example comes with a range of features and benefits, such as minimised partner disturbance, spinal support and temperature management. To find a mattress that best suits your sleeping needs, preferences and budget, visit our friendly team of mattress experts. We are happy to help J

Reclaim your Sleep, Reclaim your Amazing!