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How to Pick a Pillow

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How to Pick a Pillow

April 27th, 2018

As passionate sleep enthusiasts, we are consistently encouraging our customers to invest in a healthier night’s sleep. We are trained to match customers to a mattress that suits their sleeping needs, preferences and spinal alignment; but did you know that a significant part of this is being matched to a pillow, too?

Pillows are equally as important as your mattress; you could find the perfect mattress for your body type but if your pillow is old or lumpy, it could be hindering your spinal alignment and therefore the quality of your sleep. If you need to fold, scrunch, bend or wrinkle your pillow in order to get comfortable, this is a strong indication that it needs replacing.

Your pillow is a significant contributing factor to your posture; if your neck and shoulders are not sufficiently supported, or propped at an angle that causes straining or twisting, this puts your spine and body out of alignment leading to pain, discomfort and sleeplessness (potentially reversing the hard work of your supportive Sleepy’s mattress!)

Even if you are not waking up in pain or don’t notice any obvious faults, your pillow is an important health investment and should be updated every 18-24 months. This may seem like a short lifespan, particularly in comparison to the 5-10 years your mattress should offer, however pillows collect dead skin cells, mildew, mould, fungus, and dust mites. Over time, these unwelcome organisms can trigger allergies and interfere with the respiratory system, due to the close proximity of your pillow to your head!

The following factors should always be considered when choosing a pillow:

  • Fill (i.e. memory foam, latex)
  • Size (i.e. standard, euro, body)
  • Shape (i.e. contour, high profile, low profile)

Don’t forget that your sleeping position matters to your pillow choice. For example, back sleepers and stomach sleepers may need a low profile pillow to avoid craning the neck; side sleepers may require something higher to support the curve of the neck. This is why we recommend visiting our team to get fitted to a pillow that correctly supports your individual body shape and sleep style. We will also take into consideration the mattress you sleep on and suggest alternative options if applicable.

If you need further help picking a pillow, please don’t hesitate to contact a friendly member of our team. Never underestimate the power of your pillow!

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