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How Mother Nature Affects Our Sleep

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How Mother Nature Affects Our Sleep

July 28th, 2017

We often speak about dressing our bedroom and household environment to induce a calming atmosphere and provoke sleepiness. However, it is not only our inside environment that impacts our sleeping patterns. In fact, the conditions outside can have a significant impact too.

When the weather changes our sleep is influenced, so it is beneficial to be aware of these changes and prepare ourselves accordingly.

Here are a few tips to prepare for whatever Mother Nature throws at us, for an amazing sleep all year round!

1. Make time for sunlight

During the winter, the days get shorter and if you work in an office, you see less and less sunlight. However, it is important to spend at least ten minutes in the sun every day, whether it be in the morning, during your lunch break or for an afternoon walk. Even if there is a window in your office exposed to sun, try to work or stand there.

Exposure to sunlight is how we take in Vitamin D, which in turn influences our serotonin production – an important part of our sleep cycles. Lower Vitamin D levels have been associated with greater day time drowsiness, and can make you feel tired earlier or later than usual.

According to Purdue University research, people with fair skin need nine minutes, medium skin 16 minutes, and dark skin 38 minutes to absorb 2000 IU of vitamin D with 25 percent of skin exposed.

2. Sleep in cool air

As we know, temperature plays a role in our circadian rhythms. Research suggests that cooler air supports a deep sleep, so it’s important to keep our bedrooms cool whether it be summer or winter. One way to create this temperature drop is to take a warm bath an hour before bed, and take off extra layers of clothing.

3. Prepare for Humidity

During summer the humidity can be unbearable, having a negative impact on the quality of our sleep. Make sure you equip your sleeping quarters to deal with it! For example, sleep in as little clothing as possible or thin cotton pyjamas, choose cool, lightweight bedding and sheets, and crank up the fans or air-con. If you are already a hot sleeper, it might be worth investing in a mattress equipped to draw heat away from your sleeping body. For example, Sleepy’s Chiro Reach has been designed with graphene infused visco, helping to regulate your temperature while you sleep. There’s nothing worse than waking up sweaty (make sure you are using a mattress protector!)

Keep bedrooms dark and cool, bedding comfortable, inside humidity moderate, and stick to a regular sleep-wake schedule to help support your natural circadian rhythms.

Whatever the weather, Sleepy’s has a sleep solution to address your needs. Head into store and speak with one of our friendly mattress experts today!

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