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Best Bedding for Winter

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Best Bedding for Winter

August 19th, 2016

Everyone loves jumping into a warm bed in on a chilly night. Have a look at our favourite bedding options to keep you toasty warm during winter.

Flannel sheets

Fabric experts say cotton flannel bedding is a fantastic choice in cold weather for extra softness and warmth. Plus, it’s inexpensive!

Synthetic quilts

If you’re used to doonas and quilts, try a synthetic-down quilt. The synthetic down is a great option if you are allergic to down or dislike using animal products. These can be made from a variety of breathable materials and are just as warm as traditional down. Synthetic down quilts will help trap your body heat and keep you comfortable all night.


If you have an especially cool house, for extra warmth have a wool blanket handy. In most homes, flannel sheets and a synthetic-down quilt will provide enough warmth, but for timber houses and homes with tiled floors or low heat, a wool blanket might be a welcome addition to your bed to keep you comfortable.

Quick tip: Put the blanket between the top flat sheet and the quilt to trap the air and keep it warm.

Always remember: Sleepy’s offers a wide range of accessories including sheets, throws, covers, quilts, and more. Visit your nearest store today to find the best match for you.

Stay Warm, Sleep Healthy!