Bespoke Poppy

Bespoke Poppy

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The Bespoke Poppy Collection is a truly exceptional mattress designed to provide a luxury sleeping experience, with function and aesthetic. Designed with premium spring systems, foams and fabrics to ensure the mattress is comfortable and supportive. Delicate cashmere is layered between the Climatex Quilt top with nano pocket springs located immediately under the quilt layer, to maximise airflow and ease movement. Feel weightless with an Australian Made Active Sense 5 zoned pocket spring system and comfort layers built for the ultimate cushioning. The copper gel infused memory foam layer advocates for pressure relief, temperature management through thermal regulation allowing for air to flow, and heat to be whisked away. When the gel and copper particles come into contact, they quickly whisk away heat, faster than any other mineral or foam additive. Copper reduces the risk of bugs and bacteria growth through its antimicrobial properties. For additional support for back pain, aching joints or muscle soreness, this mattress can be paired with an adjustable base. Each mattress in the Bespoke Poppy Collection has a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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  1. EmJ

    This bed changed my sleep life. Initially wanted a spare room mattress and it was rightfully suggested I should buy a bed for myself instead and move my old bed to the spare room. Can’t believe what a difference to my sleep this new mattress made.

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