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Kotara Home Centre, 150 Park Avenue Kotara

NSW 2289

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Book a private in-store appointment

As people continue to fill their schedules with commitments from work, family and friends our free time for shopping for items such as a new bed, can occasionally be pushed down the priority list. To provide some flexibility, some of our Sleepy's showrooms are able to offer in store appointments by request.

During this time, we would like to extend this offer to include 'normal' opening times and make these appointments private for you. If you would prefer to be expertly fitted to your new mattress respecting your space, at your pace and in your time, take advantage of our private appointment service which is available in select showrooms.

Please complete the form below, to see if your local Sleepy's store can cater to your needs.

Message from the Manager

At Sleepy’s Kotara, we know sleep is a vital part of your health and wellbeing, and we are passionate about helping you sleep healthy every night.

From our Chiropractors Association of Australia tested and endorsed range, to the luxurious Cocoon range, we have mattresses available to fit all your needs. We’re trained to ensure we have the knowledge and experience required to help you find the best mattress for you.

The right mattress has a great impact on the quality of your sleep and your health — visit our friendly Sleep Consultants today so you can get a better night’s sleep and be your amazing.


Your manager at Sleepy’s Kotara


Thank you, the team at Kotara was absolutely amazing, thank you

The Sleepy’s Kotara team was wonderful! Very helpful and patient – they were the best sales consultants we have dealt with. We really appreciate their help ?
Great service and great products
The lady who served me was excellent even though it was late in the day and then it was closing time she did not make me feel rushed and wanted to ensure I was happy with my purchase she was so helpful I would highly recommend her and Sleepy’s ( my daughter and son in law also bought their huge bed there a few years ago ) thank you very much for excellent service and I look forward to sleeping in my new bed ?

I would like to commend one of your staff members for outstanding service on Saturday morning. She listened to our requirements and showed us through the mattress options. At no time she was pushing for a sale or steering us in a particular direction. She showed us the range, addressed the features of each mattress and let our bodies make the decision for us. We also appreciate her packaging of mattress protectors with the purchase of our mattress. Sleepy’s was the first mattress shop we visited on Saturday and due to her outstanding service we did not feel the need to shop around. Please pass on our complements to your staff and I commend you having such outstanding staff representing your business. As owners you should be very proud.

Purchase of king bed and protectors on Saturday morning.

The staff was extremely helpful, they understood the customer’s needs & had the opportunity to show more expensive options, but listened to what was best for the customer & went with that. The customer is a woman with Down Syndrome & was able to understand the team at Sleepy’s because they explained to her everything in a way which she understood. The team picked up very fast what the customer was agreeing to, our overall experience was really really good. Customer satisfaction ??
Thanks for the amazing service – a delight to have the staff sell to us

My wife and I wanted to comment on the excellent customer service we received at Sleepy’s Kotara. The staff were warm and friendly, they listened to what we wanted, and gave us fantastic options in our price range without pressuring us to spend more. We walked away very happy with both the product and the amazing service we received. Sleepy’s is lucky to have committed staff a part of their team.


Sleepy’s Kotara have been very helpful with our purchase of a bed.The staff were polite and went above expectations on helping us all round. I would highly recommend Sleepy’s Kotara!


Excellent service


Thank you to all at the Kotara Sleepy’s store! This would have to be one of the best businesses that I have had the pleasure to buy from. The staff and management are fantastic and my partner and I recommend this business to everyone. Thanks again!

Kevin Mailer

Just want to say thank you for the wonderful service I have received from all the staff at Sleepy’s Kotara. From my first visit, to the lovely delivery man, everyone has been so helpful. I am very happy with my new bed and pillow. It may have been an omen but just the right time for my purchase, as the next day I received the letter that my knee replacement has been scheduled! Many thanks and take care.

Denise F.

We recently bought a mattress from Sleepy’s at Kotara, NSW because they guarantee satisfaction or an exchange. We tried three different mattresses before we decided on one. We had been clearly informed of the conditions for the exchange when we bought the first mattress, which was to use a mattress protector. We found the service to be extremely good. The Manager knew her products and could not have been more patient or friendly. We would recommend that store to anybody having trouble deciding on a mattress.

Geoffrey and Phillippa W.

I’ve enjoyed the longest and most comfortable sleep I have had in a very long time and the chiropractic bed has done wonders for my back. Sleepy’s kindness and customer service follow-through was outstanding.


I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic service and for swapping over my mattress. I really do appreciate it and I love my new mattress, I have been sleeping so well since the day I got it and feel great. I will definitely be recommending Sleepy’s (Kotara) to anyone who will be purchasing a mattress/bedding.


My parents were really happy with the service at the Kotara store. They received great service in store, had friendly staff look after them and the delivery men were great. Thank you for your help!

Leanne B.

I just wanted to thank you for all your assistance during the purchase of our mattress, and then the exchange and re-purchase of another one. The new one is awesome; I have not slept straight through the night in 10 years (not since having the boys) but now I sleep all the way through until my alarm wakes me (I now need an alarm otherwise I probably wouldn’t wake up), my sinus problem is almost non-existent now and my recovering from playing soccer is shorter, all thanks to the new mattress (one very happy mum sleepwise). Once again thank you and all your team and hopefully we will meet again (probably when the boys need new mattresses in a few years time).


After buying our new queen size ensemble from Sleepy’s Kotara, we would like to express how happy we are with the customer care and help shown. We found the original mattress not suitable, so went back and found them going above and beyond to make sure our new mattress was perfect for us after an upgrade. Why would you buy a bed anywhere else? They made it a pleasure to deal with them.

Roger and Marilyn S.

The girls were AMAZING, I am recommending you to all my friends and family.


We recently bought a mattress from Sleepy’s at Kotara because they guarantee satisfaction or an exchange. We tried three different mattresses before we decided on one. We had been clearly informed of the conditions for the exchange when we bought the first mattress. We found the service to be extremely good. The manager knew her products and could not have been more patient or friendly. We would recommend this store to anybody having trouble deciding on a mattress.

Geoffrey & Phillippa

Purchased our Chiro mattress from Sleepy’s at Kotara and we are very happy with the product. We tried numerous other bed brands at other outlets and also other brands at the Kotara store, but decided on the plush mattress which was a softer feel that suited us best. We got a very good deal from our assistant. As suggested by a number of sales people we intend to turn the mattress at regular intervals to keep its shape consistent.


I recently purchased a Harbour ensemble from Sleepy’s Kotara. I have to say the sales lady was fantastic!! She listened to my concerns about buying a new bed as I had just purchased one 12 months earlier from another store and it was a disaster!!! She offered me great service and was very honest and knowledgeable. She explained about their 60 night comfort exchange guarantee and that got me! Me and my partner shopped around and came back to her. She gave great service and now we are in heaven. Our bed is amazing and I’m sleeping like a log. Good job Sleepy’s Kotara, we recommend you to all our friends or anyone who is thinking of buying a mattress. Thanks again.

Jack Jones

We would like to thank Sleepy’s for their incredible service yesterday helping us pick a new mattress and pillow. We went in there with no intention of buying a mattress but they were so informative and based on their knowledge we went ahead and bought one. We feel as though they should be recognised for their efforts and we will recommend Sleepy’s to anyone in the future. Thank you!

Mark & Olivia


Sleepy’s is committed to helping you achieve a better, healthier sleep. Part of this is a collaboration between the store and local chiropractors who use and recommend our products.

The following chiropractors are dedicated to improving your wellbeing through healthy sleep and professional chiropractic care.

Aspinall Chiro

Bronwyn Aspinall


0418 484 081

Afferntation Chiro

Oystein Kasd

Visit Website

Australian Chn's Chiro

Dr Jacey Pryjama
Dr Melissa Pope
Dr Amanda Watson

Belmont Chiro Centre

Rhea Cambourn
Adam Wild


02 4945 8688

Blackalls Park Chiro

Joan Van Rotterdam


02 4950 5003

Chiropratic Plus

Dr Dov Pine
Dr John Bricker
Dr Clairmarie Wilson
Dr Natalie Muntz
Dr Peter Imlay


02 4957 0207

Visit Website

Cardiff Chiro

Andre' Desilva


02 4954 4259

Charlestown Chiro

Dr Katelyn Boucher


02 4942 3031

Dudley Chiro

Dr Lisa Mckee


02 4942 2042

East Maitland Family

Dr Shane Moss


0414 511 615

Visit Website


Candice Robbertson


02 4956 4266

Visit Website

Family Chiro

Dr Dorte Bladt
Dr Felicity Cook
Dr Elena Rosseel


02 4942 4842

Visit Website

Fred Stevenson Chiro

Fred Stevenson


02 4956 1144

Hamilton Chiro Clinic

Dr Nathalie Willis
Dr Katherine Paris-Brown


02 4961 4637

Healing Wave

Oscar Finn
Robert Clifford
Emily Harragon
Daniel Higgins
Chris Stathis
Amanda Brewer


02 4948 4022

Visit Website

Genius Chiro

Tim Linklater


02 4948 4022

Hunter Functional Health

Aaron Hennessy


0432 027 589

Hunter Healthy Spines

Dr Gary Smith


0494 330 588

Visit Website

Jewells Family Chiro

Dr Jimmy Fay
Ranae Burgess


02 4077 5802

Visit Website

Life Rebel Clinic

Dr Tim Shakespeare
Dr Louise Cob
Dr Scott Williams
Dr Brook Wilcher


02 4962 3786

Lombard Chiro

Dr Estee Lombard


02 4017 0257

Mackee Chiro

Chris Mckee


02 4987 7987

Visit Website

Newcastle Chiro

Dr Daniel Danuser
Dr Chris Denham
Dr Rachael Farrell


02 4929 1451

Visit Website

Nineways Chiro

Inger Villadsen
Laura Kippist
Itamar Steigrad


02 4961 6200

Nerve Centre

Richard Foskett


02 4961 6200

Port Stephens Chiro

Dr Kevin Schwager


02 4981 1664

Rod Mclean Chiro

Rod Mclean


0402 156 373

Visit Website

Transition Chiro

Dr James Staciwa


02 4926 1101

Total Balance Chiro

James Cobb


02 4969 2886

Visit Website

Total Lifestyle Chiro

Dr Ben Hiles


0494 849 255

Visit Website

Triggerpoint Health

Dr David Lourey
Natalie Crozier
Dr Tony Mustac


02 4965 4881

Visit Website

Vitality Junction Chiro

Mary Bourke


02 4969 1965

Vivo Chiro

Warren Tse


02 4044 4869

Visit Website

Villani Chiro

Dr Jeremy Villani
Dr Helen Villani


02 4952 9559

Wallsend Chiro

Rick Nadalin
Jess Cross


02 4955 9122