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Shop H4A, Carindale Home & Leisure Centre (next door to Harvey Norman), 1151 Creek Road Carindale

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Message from the Manager

The team at Sleepy’s Carindale are passionate about fitting you to the right bed, because we know that sleep is a vital part of health and wellbeing.

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, yet the restorative power of sleep is often undervalued. Our bed is the most used piece of furniture in our home, and is the only piece of furniture that has a direct impact on our overall health. It’s important we don’t just select a mattress based on price, but rather we take the time to ensure the mattress meets our unique needs, will support our spine and provide a comfortable night’s sleep.

Our Sleep Consultants are trained to assist you make an informed decision on your next bed purchase. We offer an in-depth understanding of the importance of spinal alignment during sleep, with many of our products carrying an endorsement from the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia.

I’ve been selling beds from the age of 17, and have experience with every kind of mattress and sleep surface. As team leader of Sleepy’s Carindale, helping you achieve a great night’s sleep is one of my great passions.

Be your amazing — visit Sleepy’s at Carindale, so we can help you find your best night’s sleep yet!


Your manager at Sleepy’s Carindale


The staff from Sleepy’s Carindale provided excellent customer service and follow-up! We were able to find the perfect mattress and base and organise for prompt delivery. Thank you!

I wanted to give some feedback about a great experience we had at Sleepy’s Carindale. The customer service was fantastic, and the staff were very knowledgeable on our postures, the best beds for our body type and was very patient while we tried a variety of beds in the store. Once they understood our mattress preference, they would do us one better on a mattress that they thought would be even better for us – and they were right every time, always picking something that was a good balance between my firmer mattress preference and my partner’s softer mattress preference. While we were there, the staff member got a call from a colleague to ask him for his help about a mattress for their customer, and we can understand why – they are the most knowledgeable salesperson we have come across!

Thanks again for all your help!

Steph and Chris
Very happy with the service. The team has done an awesome job

The Manager was a wonderful help to find the best bed for me and my severe back problems. Thanks again!

I recently purchased a Sports Performance Respond Luxury, Queen mattress from the Carindale store. I want to thank you for this wonderful product as my chronic left hip pain and sciatica have disappeared since sleeping on this mattress. My dad also put purchased a similar mattress and his chronic back pain is significantly relieved. A wonderful product and great advice from the lovely staff, meant that I purchased the correct mattress.

It was a pleasure to have the staff at Sleepy’s, helping me choose the right fit for a new mattress today. I was given many choices in various levels of comfort and price; in the end i was very happy with my decision!
The staff was in no way pushy, which definitely helped me choose my mattress.
Amazing service! A big thank you to Phoebe and Fiona for making the daunting process of buying a new mattress easy. They listened, took the time to explain the different options and benefits all while staying within my price range.  I’m extremely happy with my purchase and couldn’t recommend Sleepy’s Carindale more.  

Productive, polite dialogue was engaged as I entered Sleepy’s Carindale & I’m impressed with the efficient process of fitting a mattress to you, with highlighting area’s of discomfort during testing & conversation.
I thank you for the final attention to small details that provided an offer that was a no compromise purchase.


All I can say you guys are amazing and best service.

100% I will recommend to everyone


I purchased a mattress from Sleepy’s Carindale yesterday and I have to say it was an excellent experience! The manager was very informative, friendly and built an excellent rapport with us. I would definitely recommend this store to my family and friends! Thank you to the manager for taking the time to get us the perfect fit.


Thank you for your assistance today. It gave me peace of mind learning about the importance of spinal alignment from an expert in this field.


The staff at Sleepy’s Carindale are an absolute credit to your store. The lady who served me was polite, friendly, well spoken and an amazing sales person. Her approach was professional right from the moment we walked in which is what lead us to buying a mattress there and then. We’ve been to a few stores over the last week, and in the other stores we were either left to wander aimlessly or were ambushed with lots of information. In each case we just wanted to leave the store as quickly as possible. At Sleepy’s however, clearly they know their stuff and use a great method that guided us from mattress to mattress until we found the right fit, all without being pushy.

Leisa C.

We really appreciate the great service and price we received at Sleepy’s Carindale! Thanks for the great experience.

Pete and Jen

Thank you very much for the helpful service and patience while we were choosing our mattress. After our first attempt wasn’t quite the right fit, we were so relieved that we could change our mind and find a mattress better suited. You both made it so easy. Needless to say we are very happy with our purchase and would recommend your service to family and friends.

The Allens

Hello Carindale Team! I am enjoying my new mattress, thank you! Your customer service was excellent. The team was very attentive and sought all of the information necessary to recommend the most appropriate mattress for me. My overall experience at Sleepy’s was very good.

Dorothy Smith


Sleepy’s is committed to helping you achieve a better, healthier sleep. Part of this is a collaboration between the store and local chiropractors who use and recommend our products.

The following chiropractors are dedicated to improving your wellbeing through healthy sleep and professional chiropractic care.

Back to Front Chiropractic

Travis West


07 3393 2201

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Bayside Health Professionals

Dr Ben Lawrance


07 3245 4177

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Capalaba Chiropractic Clinic

Dr Terrence Titus


07 3390 2100

Del Rae Chiropractic

Dr Misha Del Rae


07 3847 9500

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Life Chiropractic Centre

Dr Matthew Watkinson


07 3843 4300

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My Family Chiropractor

Dr Sharon Howard


07 3398 3876

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Ormiston Chiropractic Clinic

Dr Kenn Danielsen-Jenson


07 3821 1134

Redlands Chiropractic Centre

Dr Bruce Lane


07 3823 4999

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The Joint Chiropractically


07 3821 3103