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Why we LOVE the Hour Glass Pillow

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Why we LOVE the Hour Glass Pillow

June 26th, 2019

The unique hourglass shape pillow has been designed to adjust to your needs to support you wherever you need it most. Due to the multi-functional nature of the hour glass pillow there are a number of benefits to support your body whilst you are sleeping or seated.

  1. Supported Posture

The hour glass pillow is the perfect tool for side sleepers and stomach sleepers, to reduce pressure on the shoulders, hips, legs and lower back. It is also useful to place between your arms, to support your upper back posture. It also benefits your body whilst seated, whether it’s your lower back in the office, your neck and shoulders on long haul flights or drives or keeping your legs elevated.

  1. Assisting your Recovery

Sufferers of ongoing health problems or any injuries that may cause pain during sleep can benefit from the pressure relief of the Hour Glass pillow. A pillow wedged between your knees or thighs, and under your ankle or knees can provide elevation and pain relief, so that you can easily fall asleep at night.

  1. Small and Useful

The compact size of the pillow allows you to sleep with the right support without disrupting your partner, in a number of different ways. Prop up your arm whilst feeding your new born baby, elevate your lower body injuries, or adjust your sleeping position to enjoy a healthier night’s sleep. You will continue to find more uses for this amazing little pillow.

We asked the experts! Our Sleepy’s staff have provided a range of occasions where the hour glass pillow has worked for them, which is varied based on individual circumstances.

Watch our tips and tricks here.

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