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Wake up Rejuvenated!

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Wake up Rejuvenated!

April 27th, 2018

Does your partner’s tossing and turning in the night keep you awake? Are you constantly disturbed by rippling movements across the mattress? Want to wake up feeling rejuvenated?

Pocket springs or “relationship beds” are your solution! These mattresses are composed of a series of individual pockets made from a strong but flexible material that holds a coil of wire. The gauge, strength and rotation of this wire is what gives a bed its “feel” and the way that it responds when you lie on it.

These individual springs move and flex independently of each other, which means that the person lying next to you is less likely to create a wave or ripple effect every time they move, giving you a better night’s rest. This is why they are referred to as “relationship” beds; because each sleeper’s needs are catered to, even if there is a significant difference in body weight and height.

But minimised partner disturbance is not the only benefit of pocket spring mattresses! A further advantage of having these individual elements in the formation of the bed is that the zones can be created to support your spine as you sleep. The thickness or rotation of the wire forming the spring can be altered to elevate or conform to your body depending on the shape.

For example, the springs in the hip and shoulder area often have an extra turn in them, creating a softer feel that moulds to those areas and promotes spinal alignment. Beds with this technology can have three, five or seven zones to meet a whole range of requirements.

This month we are encouraging customers to reclaim an amazing night’s sleep by offering up to 50% off pocket spring mattresses! Now is the time for you and your partner to invest in your sleep health. Visit our friendly team of mattress experts today; they will help you to navigate the various choices and find the right mattress for your sleeping needs, preferences and budget.

Reclaim your Sleep, Reclaim your Amazing!