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Upgrade your Mattress, Invest in Your Health

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Upgrade your Mattress, Invest in Your Health

November 4th, 2016

The right mattress lays the foundation for a great night’s sleep. Having an old or worn out mattress might not be providing your body the essential support needed to relax your mind. Allowing your body to rest in its natural position lets your muscles relax, giving you a refreshing night of rest and recovery. So, why do we feel so good after a great night’s sleep?

According to Neuroscientist Jeff Illif “When you sleep, it clears your mind, and when you don’t sleep, it leaves your mind murky.” It is amazing how something so important for our health can be so undervalued by so many of us.

Illif’s research says that “when the brain is awake and busy, it puts off clearing away the waste from the spaces between its cells until later. When it goes to sleep, it shifts into cleaning, mode to clear away the waste that has accumulated throughout the day.”

What does this mean? How does this directly affect our health now and in the future? Illif says, “While it’s important to point out that some studies don’t prove that lack of sleep causes Alzheimer’s disease, they do suggest that the failure of the brain to clear away waste like amyloid-beta may contribute to the development of conditions like Alzheimer’s.”

In general, we don’t often don’t think about changing our mattress, just like we don’t think of changing a light bulb until it stops working. However, lack of sleep can severely affect our health, and as we spend 7-10 hours every night in bed, it makes sense to consider a new mattress – one that is suited to your sleeping needs. As J. Talbot Sellers, DO states, “Sleeping on the wrong mattress can cause or worsen lower back pain. Lack of support from a mattress reinforces poor sleeping posture, strains muscles and does not help keep the spine in alignment, all of which contribute to low back pain.”

Think about this: how often do you buy new running shoes to avoid injury? According to Henri Tuomilehto, Clinical Director of Oivauni Sleep Clinics in Finland, “Most muscle recovery happens during sleep, not lying on the couch watching TV”.

Buying a new mattress can be quite daunting but with the right help, it could be much easier than you think. When purchasing your new mattress, trust an expert! Our team have been trained to conduct a thorough needs analysis on every customer, to help you find the right fit. As Chiropractor Travis West says, it takes 6 weeks for the body to adapt to change, this is why Sleepy’s has a 60 day comfort exchange guarantee, allowing enough time for your body to adapt to your new mattress.

Find your nearest Sleepy’s store today and invest in your health by upgrading today.

Sleep Healthy, Live Healthy!