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The 9 Essential Bedding Elements

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The 9 Essential Bedding Elements

April 29th, 2018

Making your bed look as beautiful as they do in magazines does not have to be a lengthy or difficult process! There are just 9 essential elements to consider when making the perfect bed:

  1. The Valance – If you have a gap between the bottom of your bed and the floor, you may need a valance. A valance is a decorative drapery usually with a pleated or gathered border, designed to hang down over the sides of the bed to screen the space below it.
  2. The Fitted Sheet – Make sure your fitted sheets are the correct size for your mattress – especially if your mattress is particularly tall. TIP: fit the sheet from the diagonal corners and it won’t be so tricky to stretch that last corner over the mattress!
  3. The Flat Sheet – Again, make sure these are the right size so you have plenty of extra sheet to tuck underneath the mattress. This should be placed upside-down on the bed so that when you fold back the header, the correct side is on display.
  4. The Pillowcases – For the best look, these should match the colour of your sheets. Push the pillows right into the corners of the case so that the opening flap can be tucked over the end of the pillow.
  5. The Quilt Cover – We recommend a Queen quilt for a Double bed, a King quilt for a Queen bed, and so on. Fitting the cover over the quilt can be a tricky process. TIP: turn the quilt cover inside out, put your arms inside and take hold of the corresponding corners of the quilt. From here, you can shake the quilt cover back the right way, keeping hold of those two corners the whole time. Once the corners are filled properly and the quilt is not folded in any places, button up the cover, and leave the end facing the bottom of the bed.
  6. The Decorative Pillows – In addition to the matching pillowcases & sheets, you can also use two pillows which match the quilt cover; this will give the bed that “designer” look. Pile them up on top of the other pillows or sit them in front of the headboard.
  7. The European Pillows – These add another visual element to the bed and can make the bed look extra inviting. Have the colour scheme match the colours of the other four pillows, fluff them out so they look comfy and sit them against the wall or headboard.
  8. The Decorative Cushions – These are smaller cushions that can change the appearance of the entire bed without costing a fortune. Try using odd numbers of cushions in different shapes and sizes until you find the perfect combination for a stunning bedroom.
  9. The Throw or Coverlet – the finishing touch! These are also very handy to have in the cooler months for sitting on the couch or taking a nap. Fold the throw neatly or drape casually across the end of the bed.

If you need any advice on your mattress, bed, bedding or accessories, head into your closest Sleepy’s store and speak with the sleep experts. Our team will be happy to help you transform your bedroom into a stunning sanctuary for a healthy night’s sleep!

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