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Best Mattresses for Back Pain in 2022

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Best Mattresses for Back Pain in 2022

November 3rd, 2022

Back Pain

We all know that sleep is important, but upper and lower back pain can have a negative impact on our sleep quality. If you have a mattress that doesn’t provide adequate support, this can lead to aches and pains in the morning.

Sleepy’s Bed Fit Specialists offer customers the opportunity to be fitted to a mattress that suits their individual needs. Our Bed Fit specialists are trained to recognise factors that are potentially hindering sleep quality, based on individual conditions, spinal alignment and sleeping preferences. Sleepy’s are the only mattress retailer with a collection tested and endorsed by the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA). We call this our Chiro Collection.

We’ve created this guide to some of the best mattresses in Australia – Sleepy’s Chiro collection, organised by the best for overall comfort and pressure relief.

What Type of Mattresses are Best for Back Pain?

When it comes to the best mattress for bad backs, it is important that your new mattress is correctly balanced with comfort (pressure relief) with back support. A good mattress should absorb the weight of your body comfortably, whilst also maintaining your spine in a healthy position.

Mattresses are not one size fits all, which is why we offer multiple feels of firmness from extra firm, medium to extra plush, so you can find a mattress that suits your needs.

Best for Pressure Relief

Sleep plays a vital role to your health and wellbeing, so we created the Chiro Collection. Especially designed for postural alignment, relaxation of the muscles and spinal support,

As mattress technologies continue to progress, SleepMaker work closely with the ACA to ensure the Chiro Collection incorporates the latest innovations and designs for head-to-toe support. Such innovations include SleepMaker’s Miracoil Advance spring system which is shaped like the letter ‘Z’, a continuous coil spring with 5 zoned support. Back pain is relieved as the springs cradle the hip and shoulder regions for natural spinal alignment. Miracoil Advance is beneficial in reducing partner disturbance as the wires transfer weight down the length of the mattress, rather than across the mattress. In addition, another major support system used in the Chiro Collection is the Active Sense Pocket Springs. These pocket springs provide defined support, as the pockets move independently with the body to reduce motion transfer, for an undisturbed sleep.

To ensure the Chiro Collection is best for pressure relief, a Comfort Edge is used around the spring systems. Comfort Edge is a high density cushioned foam edge that supports the mattress for edge-to-edge stability and helps to reduce that “roll out” feeling in the mattress.

Any mattress in the Chiro Collection has a robust support system so your body can experience pressure relief from a long day, night after night.

Best Chiro Mattress

Best Affordable Mattress

Best Affordable Mattress

ACA Chiro Adjustable Mattress 300 Limited Edition

An introductory mattress, the ACA Chiro Adjustable Mattress combines the benefits of affordability and quality to help you reclaim a good night’s sleep. This mattress has been carefully designed to support and relax the muscles in your back. The 5-zone active sense pocket spring responds independently to movements, helping to reduce partner disturbance. You’ll be supported throughout the night as the mattress contours to the natural curves of your body on a firm, medium or plush surface.

Best Overall for Back Pain

Back Pain

ACA Emerge

Sleepy’s top selling mattress, the ACA Emerge is built to conform to the shape of your body for tailored support on the shoulders, hips and back to help reduce aches and pains. With a robust support system, SleepMaker’s Active Sense 5 zoned Australian Made Pocket Springs are the shining star. Each individual pocket acts independently to provide defined support for your body and prevent the transfer of movement across the mattress. The layers of premium Dunlop Foam and gel-infused visco provides pressure relief, whilst whisking away heat from the mattress for comfort throughout the night.

Best Mattresses for Adjustable Bases

Adjustable Base

Pictured Delta Dream Adjustable Base


To provide extra support, our mattresses paired with an adjustable base unlocks a new level of comfort and pressure relief.

An adjustable base can help the body retain good posture while sleeping and reduce tension for maximum rest and recuperation of your muscles in a full night of sleep. The base tilts and bends to match the contours of your body, keeping the spine aligned while supporting the lower lumbar area, relieving compressed pressure, aches and pains in the muscles and joints, as well as associated back pain.

There are several mattresses in the Chiro Collections that are designed to suit an adjustable base. You can find a mattress that suits an adjustable base through finding the icon “Suits adjustable.”

There are a number of other mattresses outside the Chiro Collection that are also adjustable base friendly in both out affordable and premium ranges. You can find them on our website.

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The above-mentioned recommendations are just the tip of the iceberg. Our Bed Fit specialists in store are able to help you find a sleep solution for your aches and pains. For peace of mind and to provide flexibility, Sleepy’s offer private in store appointments by request with a bed fit specialist. If you would prefer to be expertly fitted to a new mattress, in your own space, at your own pace and in your own time, you can take advantage of our private appointment service which is available in select Sleepy’s showrooms. Sleepy’s aim to make finding a new mattress a positive experience, to ensure you can reclaim your amazing and sleep well.

You can make an appointment at Sleepy’s today!

To learn more about how to keep your sleep health, check out Tips for a Happy & Healthy Back.