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Our Top 3 Recommended Mattresses for Back Pain

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Our Top 3 Recommended Mattresses for Back Pain

October 12th, 2020

Back pain is a common health ailment and there are various ways to treat it, whether it’s visiting a chiropractor, a physio or even getting a new mattress. There is research to suggest that the right support in a mattress can reduce back pain and provide a much better sleep for your overall health.

If you’re a regular sufferer of back pain during sleep, you’ve come to the right place. As the mattress experts we have a specially curated collection of mattresses that are tested and endorsed by the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA), to keep your spine healthy as you sleep.

Our Chiropractic Collection has a number of mattresses with a range of feels and sizes which are tailored to relieve pressure points and support spinal alignment for an amazing night’s sleep.

The most popular mattress in the Chiropractic collection is the Chiro Connect. Offering the right balance for each stage of sleep, the Chiro Connect helps reduce partner disturbance and assists with temperature management. The 5 zone pocket spring core, conforms to your resting body as you sleep, relieving those painful pressure points. This mattress is also suitable on an Adjustable Base for even more pressure relief and comfort.

For the latest technology, our ACA Agile collection has been designed for postural alignment and relaxation of the muscles. The Miracoil Advanced Spring system cradles your hips and shoulders to help reduce stress on the body.

To find balance of comfort and support, look no further than the Chiro Aspect to reduce tension and stress on your back, hips and shoulders. The spring support is an Australian made 5 zone pocket spring to provide individual support and reduce motion transfer for an undisturbed sleep. The comfort layers include Gel Infused Visco and Graphene Memory Foam both of which whisk heat away and provide immense comfort and support without excessive heat build-up. If you are experiencing aching joints or muscle soreness this mattress can also be paired with an Adjustable Base to ease tension.

These are our most popular mattresses from the Chiropractic Collection but there is plenty more available to try. Click here to view other mattresses in the collection.

If you do suffer from back pain during sleep, we advise reaching out to your local Sleepy’s store. Our Bed Fit Specialists can fit you to a mattress that suits your specific needs. We also offer private Bed Fit Appointments in select stores, respecting your space, at your pace and in your own time.