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Reduce Partner Disturbance in your Bedroom

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Reduce Partner Disturbance in your Bedroom

February 21st, 2019

Sharing a bed with someone you love has various advantages and disadvantages. The significance of sleeping with your partner promotes feelings of safety and security and has been known to reduce anxiety.  Sleeping next to your partner lowers the levels of stress hormone cortisol, lowers the levels in cytokines that can cause inflammation, and produces higher levels of the so-called love hormone, oxytocin. These are produced in the same part of the brain that is responsible for the sleep-wake cycle (Gunn, Buysse et al, 2015).

As for the disadvantages, sharing a bed with a partner who snores like a freight train, sleep talks, is a restless sleeper or hogs the sheets. If you’re looking to reap the benefits of sleeping with your partner while maintaining a healthy sleep cycle, try out some of the tips below for your sanity.

Blanket Thief

Has there been a time where you’ve woken up feeling cold whilst your partner is cocooned in all the blankets and sheets? If you’re both playing tug-of-war with the covers, neither of you will fall into a deep sleep (Blatchford, 2019).

Solution: Buy your flat sheets a size bigger than your mattress to allow for room for give-and-take through the night.


If you’re a snorer, you may suffer from day-time tiredness and poor concentration due to a lack of sleep. Not only this, but snoring can also have a flow-on effect for your partner who is suffering beside you (, 2019). As a medical condition, snoring can lead to other sleep disorders. It is important get a medical check from your GP if you are struggling to have a quality night’s sleep.

Solution: Some simple remedies for the snorer are as follows. Ask the snorer to sleep on their side as an effective way to keep the throat open to allow an even flow of oxygen. A memory foam pillow can help guide the head and body towards this position (, 2019). Alternatively, if you can convince the snorer to sleep in a separate room until the snoring settles.

Night Owl vs A Lark

Whether its your partner or yourself that prefers to stay up late at night, this is going to impact both of your sleep patterns. A “night owl” prefers to go to bed later and wake up later, whilst a “lark” prefers to go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier. These characteristics impact the part of the day the individual feels most productive.

To ensure you are both getting enough sleep it is best to go to sleep at different times. Allow an hour to let your partner fall into a deep sleep, so that there is minimal disturbance.

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Choose the right mattress for you!

When you have the right mattress there will be minimal partner disturbance from movement. Pocket spring mattresses are known to minimising partner disturbance as they are designed to suit a wide range of sleeping preferences and positions. The unique spring design ensures the sleeper receives quality support and stability for an amazing night’s sleep.

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