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Is Oversleeping Really a Thing?

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Is Oversleeping Really a Thing?

November 14th, 2014

We are told that sleep is one of the most vital needs in our life; as vital as oxygen and water. But is there such a thing as oversleeping? Can we do more damage oversleeping than under-sleeping?

Each person needs a different amount of sleep; this takes into consideration factors such as age and activity levels. However, the average adult should be sleeping between seven to nine hours every night. There are many factors that can cause oversleeping; for example, if you have consumed high levels of caffeine or alcohol, or if you have been exercising heavily.

When you oversleep, rather than feeling refreshed and energised (as you should be after a good sleep!) you will actually wake up feeling even more tired and may even experience headaches. In 2011 the University of London conducted a study and found that students who slept for more than eight hours suffered from memory decline, slower reflexes and a slower vocabulary.

Quality over quantity is the best method for sleeping. Your body will try and overcompensate poor quality sleep with a larger quantity of sleep. As our sleep is regulated by light, it is important that you set up a good sleeping routine to ensure you get just the right amount of sleeping hours.

Here are some recommendations on how to achieve the healthiest sleep:

  • Stick to a bedtime – this will help your body clock to know what time to sleep
  • Wake up at the same time every day – as difficult as this can be on the weekends, you are more than likely to oversleep on Saturday and Sunday. Make sure you set an alarm to avoid oversleeping.
  • Exercise – if you are finding it hard to get to sleep or wake up in the morning, we recommend regular exercise.
  • No caffeine close to bedtime – let your body rest without increasing caffeine levels; avoid coffee, tea, energy drinks and caffeinated soft drinks.

At Sleepy’s, we believe that a quality sleep starts with a quality mattress; a mattress that is fitted to you and suited to your sleeping needs. Our Mattress Experts will help you find the perfect mattress, so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated every morning. Pop into your local store today!

As always, Sleep Healthy