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5 Tips for the Perfect Winter Den

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5 Tips for the Perfect Winter Den

July 1st, 2018

When the temperature drops and the days shorten, what better way to escape the cold than retreating to a cozy bedroom? The problem is, it seems that bedrooms around the country are in desperate need of a makeover. In a recent study conducted by Sleepy’s, we found 62 per cent of people described their bedroom as ‘functional’ while 1 in 10 said their bedroom was ‘old and tired’.

A further 12 per cent claimed their bedroom didn’t offer a relaxing environment, with 25 per cent saying it was because the room needed redecorating.

If you fall into one of these categories, take a look at these five simple tips to help bring some winter glamour to your bedroom.

1. Start with a Blank Canvas

Starting with a clean slate is always the best way to begin a decorating project. Even though it might not be the most enjoyable part of redecorating, it really is an essential step. So it’s time to strip the bed, clean the windows, wash the curtains, remove any clutter, dust the furniture and give the floors a good scrub or vacuum. Your room will look infinitely better already!

2. Decide on a Colour Scheme

Colour is a powerful element that can affect our mood and the ambiance of a room. Winter colours are traditionally warm tones inspired by nature-like browns, creams, deep greens and navy blues, but bright colours lift the mood and can work just as well. Start by deciding which items you’d like to keep in your room and pick colours that will compliment them. If you need some help with colour combinations, head to your local linen store or browse bed linens online. The colours of the pillows and quilts may provide the inspiration you need. If you’re still not colour confident you can always stick to classic schemes like black and white, or crisp white and neutral.

3. The Best Part of the Room – Your Bed

Now that you’ve stripped and cleaned the bed, if it isn’t feeling quite as cloud-like as it used to, consider a visit to your local Sleepy’s store. Our friendly team are trained to personally match you to a mattress that suits your sleeping needs and preferences – go on and splurge!

Next is the fun part: dressing the bed!

Start with a fresh pair of sheets. Whether you prefer cozy flannelette (perfect in winter!), or rich thread count cotton sheets, they are also worth splurging for, so make sure they are luxurious!

Next step is the bed cover. A new cover is one of the easiest ways to update your bedroom and give it some style by instantly injecting colour and personality. You could also throw over some blankets in different textures such as wool, knits and open weaves. Layering blankets on your bed not only looks great, it is also practical in the cooler months.

Finish off with throw pillows and cushions. Perfect for those lazy Sundays in bed!

4. Getting Cold Feet?

After reluctantly waking up and hauling yourself out of bed on a cold winter’s morning, there is nothing quite as jolting as the feeling of warm feet on cold floors. If your bedroom is not carpeted, a big shaggy, fluffy rug is the answer! It will also bring more style and comfort to the room, enhancing the feeling of coziness you want to create for winter.

5. Finishing Touches and Accessories

The finishing touches could be the final step to bringing your winter retreat to life!

Magazine and book storage: There is no better feeling than staying in bed on a cold morning with a coffee in one hand and a book in the other. Keep reading materials close at hand by adding a magazine rack, basket, or simply clear a space on your bedside table.

Table lamps: Bedside lamps add interest to the room. They also help to frame the bed and are not only practical, but they can create an ambient glow on a cold winter’s morning or night.

A statement chair: If you have the space, a chair in the corner of your room is not only a nice place to cozy-up, but it also doubles up as the ideal spot to keep extra blankets close at hand. It’s also a great way to add some more colour into the room.

Candles: Nothing says winter more than a warm crackling fire, but if you don’t have a fireplace in your bedroom (and not many of us do!) a candle can be the next best thing. Pick one with a beautiful perfume such as vanilla, cinnamon or sandalwood, so that it fills your room with the scents of the season.

For more tips on boosting your sleep this winter check out our blog.

So go on, why not get inspired and transform your boudoir today!

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