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Sleep Well, Rest Easy!

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Sleep Well, Rest Easy!

October 13th, 2016

Many of us have an inner voice that calls us lazy if we take time out to rest. Perhaps it’s because our society values activity, productivity and achievement above all else – no matter what the personal cost. This is reflected in the fact that a huge percentage of the western world is suffering from excessive stress and serious sleeping problems.

Arianna Huffington – the founder of Huffington Post – recently suffered a breakdown due to lack of sleep. Her comeback inspired her latest book, Thrive. In a recent interview she stated, “If success means undermining your health, it’s not true success. The key is to prioritize what really matters.”

A balanced society makes rest and enjoyment an integral part of everyday life. In France, all of the shops closed for at least two hours in the afternoon so everyone could go home for a nourishing lunch and siesta. In many countries, shops are open from nine to six, seven days a week and most of the people working appear to be grey and exhausted.

Contrary to popular belief, when you’re totally exhausted, it’s difficult to sleep well. That’s because when you push past tiredness, you activate the stress response in your body – equivalent to winding up an already over-wound doll. When it comes time to wind down, it’s very difficult to put the brakes on. Exhaustion also causes accidents, arguments and miscommunication, which add to stress and worsen the situation.

It can seem like there’s no way off the wheel of high stress and lack of sleep – as though it has its own momentum that drags you along. This is not true. At any moment, you can choose to pause and make a new choice that takes you in a different direction.

The road we look down tends to be the road we walk down. We invite you to look down a new road and start making choices that will help you thrive right now, rather than spend your precious time in a state of exhaustion and frustration.

Sleep tip: Resting is always beneficial for your wellbeing. Combine this with the right mattress and you have the foundation for a great night’s sleep. Ask us today about how you can find the best mattress match for you.

As Always, Sleep Healthy!