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Protecting Your Bed

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Protecting Your Bed

February 3rd, 2016

Do you have a mattress protector on your bed? If yes, great! If not, please read below to discover why you need a mattress protector; not just for the protection of your mattress, but for health and hygiene reasons too.

When you exercise, perspiration is a given. That’s why we wear breathable, lightweight clothes and bring a “sweat towel” to the gym. We prepare ourselves to sweat. Want to know a little secret? Believe it or not, you can actually sweat more during sleep than during exercise. Gross, right?

It is the sticky, muggy nights we need to worry about; these are the nights we are more likely to sweat, and it can be anywhere up to two litres of fluids. This fluid doesn’t evaporate or miraculously leave the body without a trace. It seeps into the mattress along with your dead skin cells, creating your very own eco-system! Now do you see why a mattress protector is so important? This wonderful invention will form a barrier between you and your beautiful bed.

When buying a mattress protector, look for the following things:

Waterproof – for protection against stains, spills, sweat and mould

Warranty – Look for a range that offers warranty on your Mattress Protector. This is generally a good indicator of a product that is valued and therefore high quality.

Purchase more than one – When you wash your sheets, wash your Mattress Protector at the same time. When you have two Mattress Protectors, it ensures your mattress will always be protected.

Our pick – Signature Range by Protect-A-Bed. The Signature Range is a fitted sheet style that draws moisture away from the surface, to create the cleanest, driest and smoothest sleeping surface.

For our full range of Mattress Protectors, head to your Local Sleepy’s store; our Mattress Experts will be more than willing to help you find the perfect Mattress Protector.

Sleep Healthy!