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Chiro Singles

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If you consider the size and weight of a child as they graduate to their first ‘big’ bed and then look at them 8-10 years later, you could rightly assume they need as much support as possible to sleep well! There is unlikely to be any other time in their life when their bodies go through as much change, growth and physical activity. Sleep is required for muscle and bone development, to keep their immune system strong, for brain memory, concentration, learning and problem solving. The Sleep Health Foundation advise that primary school children need 10 to 12 hours of sleep each night, providing them with the best opportunity for this by teaching them about a sleep ritual and ensuring a great atmosphere starts with a good mattress that will last them 10 years through this growth. Our Chiro Singles mattress has been designed to suit the growing body and has been endorsed by the Chiropractors Association of Australia.

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