Flexi Lift HealthCare “High Low” Adjustable Base


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Adjustable bases can help to promote mobility, comfort and well-being in your most personal space, your bedroom.  If you are restricted with movement or impaired by injury or illness, our Flexi Lift HealthCare collection has special features to help increase independence and improve pain relief.  In some cases, if your concern is also for your carer or family member, this base may provide a suitable solution to manage the day to day requirements for assistance in and out of bed.  This base can be raised and lowered with the lowest resting point at 47cm and the highest at 70cm or anywhere in between (these heights are a guide only as the leg configurations may affect the outcome). Other features such as preset positions, variable massage, under bed lighting and wireless remote control are included to ensure every comfort. Rest and a restorative sleep is a necessity. Please be aware that not all mattresses are suitable for an adjustable base, we have made this easier for you by adding our adjustable icon to mattresses in our range which will work with this base.