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Premium Mattresses

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The Premium Collection features a complete range of luxurious mattresses, designed incorporating stylish patterns and amazing colours. Sleeping on any of these beautiful mattresses will ensure that you look forward to bedtime each evening. Each mattress in the collection combines style, comfort and sheer luxury to deliver a truly blissful night’s sleep.

Bespoke Poppy

The Bespoke Poppy Collection is a truly exceptional mattress designed to provide a luxury sleeping experience, with function and aesthetic. Designed with premium spring systems, foams and fabrics to ensure the mattress is comfortable and supportive. Delicate cashmere is layered between the Climatex Quilt top with nano pocket springs located immediately under the quilt layer, to maximise airflow and ease movement. Feel weightless with an Australian Made Active Sense 5 zoned pocket spring system and comfort layers built for the ultimate cushioning. The copper gel infused memory foam layer advocates for pressure relief, temperature management through thermal regulation allowing for air to flow, and heat to be whisked away. When the gel and copper particles come into contact, they quickly whisk away heat, faster than any other mineral or foam additive. Copper reduces the risk of bugs and bacteria growth through its antimicrobial properties. For additional support for back pain, aching joints or muscle soreness, this mattress can be paired with an adjustable base. Each mattress in the Bespoke Poppy Collection has a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Durable and resilient the Serenity mattress provides full body support through the 7 zoned latex core. The use of natural materials such as hemp and wool in the quilt layer ensures breathability while the latex provides ventilation. Super soft, Pulse Latex is made through processes that have the best ecological footprint in the industry. This process creates the best ventilation and breathability in the latex, so you can reap the benefits of a comfortable night’s sleep. Allergy and asthma sufferers can relax, as latex is a natural inhibiter of dust, microbes, and moisture.


Inspired by the human form and its organic movements, the Tranqulity mattress is created to naturally conform to your individual body shape for maximum support. A soft foam, the Pulse Latex used in the Tranquility mattress is made through processes that have the best ecological footprint in the industry. This process creates the best ventilation and breathability in the latex, so you can reap the benefits of a comfortable night’s sleep. Adjustable base friendly, the use of a latex core and a 7 zoned mattress creates a comfortable mould for your body. For temperature management and breathability qualities, wool and hemp fibres have been used in the quilt for a soft sleep surface. Embrace the natural antimicrobial qualities latex and hemp offer and breathe easy as you sleep.


With a focus on natural fibres and pure natural latex, Sleepy’s are setting a new standard in comfort and environmentally conscious bedding with the Kuranda Collection. Designed to suit adjustable bases and conform to the natural curves of your body. The use of layered pocket springs provides breathability whilst the Tencel and wool fibres are generously used in the quilt layer. For cushioning comfort bamboo charcoal infused visco has been placed in the top panel, for a night of restful sleep. The Kuranda Collection is Australian Made and comes with a 10-year warranty.


Part of the Natures Touch Collection, the Daintree mattress has been designed for functionality, comfort, and a nod towards environmentally conscious bedding. Featuring a “Pocket in Pocket” spring system for longevity and balance; and a layer of gel-infused natural latex to conform to your body. The Daintree Collection is designed to reduce pressure points and can be paired with an adjustable base. Nurture your sleeping self on the amazing Daintree Collection, because sleeping healthier is living healthier!

Cocoon Black Donegal

Created for a beautiful sleep, the Cocoon Black Donegal Collection is the perfect combination of weightlessness and luxury. Designed with rich premium foams and a unique support system, for pressure relief on your back, hips and shoulders. All foams are treated in Ultra Fresh to actively discourage and destroy bacteria in the mattress, for a fresh sleep environment. Each Cocoon Black Donegal Collection has 10 year warranty and can be paired with an adjustable base, for an amazing night’s sleep!

Cocoon Silver Kinsale

Experience an indulgent night’s sleep with the Cocoon Kinsale Collection. Designed with a lustrous silk infused quilt layer and quality Micro Tencel fibres in the top panel, for a soft-to-touch sleep surface. The unique combination of spring and foam technologies deliver exceptional comfort and support. Treated in Ultra-Fresh, all foams actively discourage and destroy bacteria in the mattress. With 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on the Australian Made Cocoon Silver Kinsale Collection, you can rest easy.

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