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Franchising vs. Your Own, Independent Business

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Franchising vs. Your Own, Independent Business

October 6th, 2020

This is a question we often get asked and it is more of a fact-finding exploration by the asker rather than it requiring a specific opinion one way or the other.

The fact is, franchising is owning your own business. The difference is systems are in place in a franchise and in your own independent business, you are responsible for creating and implementing them.

To many people, a franchise is the ideal mix of systems-based procedures which have generally been in place for the life of the franchise, developing over time as trends and needs require and, giving the franchisee the opportunity to put their own enthusiasm and drive into making the business a success.  This requires a high level of compliance to these systems and procedures and, the reason is, one of the major elements of success are the consistency, attributes and culture of the brand portrayed to the customer.

On the other hand you may consider the ‘rules’ around a franchising system might not suit you and you’d prefer to ‘go it alone’. At Sleepy’s we spend a lot of discussion time on this very point. It’s extremely important the prospective franchisee and the franchisor see a cooperative fit between each other. Once due diligence is completed and the agreements are signed and the ‘Cooling Off’ period is over it’s too late for either side to realise the relationship could falter.

If you’d like to talk about franchising further please give Guy Elliott a call on 0434 254 154. We are very happy to discuss any element of your due diligence journey at no obligation. It’s more important to us to see you make the right decision before you move forward.