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The Truth About Latex Pillows

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The Truth About Latex Pillows

September 11th, 2020

There are two ways latex can be made.  The majority of latex products such as pillows, are produced in the most cost effect manner which is mixing ingredients with a foaming agent and “baking” to set them into a solid state.  This process of making latex pillows has been around since the late 1920’s and is often referred to as the “Dunlop” method.

There is also another method of producing latex known as the “Talalay” method which was developed in the early 1940’s.  This process is more complex, has more steps and takes much longer to make which sets it apart from the Dunlop method.  Some of these additional processes include a vacuum phase to remove excess air ensure the mould is filled with foam, a freezing process to prevent particles settling while ensuring a consistent cell structure and a rigorous multi stage fresh water wash before the final ‘curing’ process begins.  These extra stages in the production of a Talalay latex result in a more durable, lighter, more buoyant and airy product with a consistent feel and superior quality in mattresses and pillows.

The Dunlop latex process produces a heavier, dense and firmer pillow or mattress.  Commonly, “fillers” or synthetic latex is mixed into the production of Dunlop latex to make them softer which can result in a flaky, chalky latex and breaks down quickly.

The price of a latex product such as mattresses and pillows will usually determine in which method has been used to produce it. Dunlop latex will always be less expensive than the Talalay latex.  Think of Talalay latex products as champagne, souffles or your grandmothers perfect sponge cake, they are all made with premium ingredients, they are light, airy, consistent in taste and quality and you always enjoy the experience!

Sleepy’s has a range of Dunlop and Talalay latex product offers and we have provided helpful links below:

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