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The Importance of Rotating your Mattress

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The Importance of Rotating your Mattress

February 8th, 2021

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When you are purchasing a new mattress, you are investing in your sleep health, as such it is important to look after your mattress.

Sleepy’s mattresses are designed to be used on one side only. Therefore, they must be rotated from end to end. We recommend that you rotate every 2 weeks for the first 4 months, and then 3 monthly thereafter.

To provide added comfort, many of our mattresses are constructed with combinations of extra padding and filling, to enhance the cushioning area. As these materials settle and conform, they are designed to contour naturally to your body shape, to help reduce pressure points on your body for a more comfortable sleep

Body impressions are a normal part of owning a mattress due to the foams that contour to your unique body shape. By rotating the mattress regularly, you are able to help minimise more permanent body impressions.

The centre of your mattress can feel firmer if it is not slept on and you may get the appearance of a ridge in this area. It is a normal characteristic of the design of the bed. We encourage you to persist with using the middle area of the mattress to even out wear on the mattress top. Use all surfaces of the mattress, to assist in settling the comfort layers evenly.

How to rotate your Sleepy’s mattress:

It will be easier to rotate your mattress with another person to ensure safety.

  1. While the mattress is lying flat on the bed base, push the opposite corners (A) and (B) of the mattress.
  2. Position the mattress across the bed to that is hangs 30cm or more over the edge.
  3. Push the alternate corners © and (D) to position mattress on the bed.
  4. There you go! Rotated from end to end.

For a visual reference of how to rotate your mattress, check out our video here: