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Put “Sleep” on your To-Do List

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Put “Sleep” on your To-Do List

August 27th, 2019

A couple of years ago, at our annual conference we were lucky to have Dr Jasneek Chawla with us to discuss the latest on sleep health. One of the key sleep tips we took away from her session was to set aside “worry time” each day; even just fifteen minutes to work through what is on your mind.

But did you know that physically writing these thoughts and mental notes down can help you to sleep better? The act of dispelling this information from your mind to a tangible platform allows you to put it all aside for tomorrow and enjoy a blissful night of mental rest and rejuvenation.

According to a study from the Journal of Experimental Psychology, “writing down worries in general can reduce stress levels.” A group of 57 healthy adults was split in half; one half wrote down everything they needed to do over the next few days. Data showed that those people fell asleep nine minutes faster than the other half of the group. Additionally, those who wrote longer and more detailed lists fell asleep even faster again.

While nine minutes may not seem like a long time, those nine minutes every evening could have a significant impact on the quality of your sleep and therefore your overall health, wellbeing and how you feel the next day.

Max Lowery, author of The 2 Meal Day also mentions this method in his top 5 tips for an efficient pre-bedtime routine: “…lists are really important for me because I’m someone that definitely tends to overthink things when I’m trying to fall asleep…That way I’m not spending my sleeping time worrying about something I’m going to forget the next day, it’s all written down on that piece of paper.”

To find your own amazing journey to sleep, follow the simple tips below:

  • Each night before bed take 5-15 minutes to write in detail everything you need to remember to do tomorrow
  • Optional: you could also write what you need to do the following days in order to stay focused on the future
  • Your list could be in bullet points or paragraphs (remember, the figures from the study demonstrate that the more detail you write, the faster you sleep!)
  • DO NOT write about the tasks you already completed that day or at any time in the past
  • Try the process for 2-4 weeks and see what you notice!

If you find you are still struggling to sleep, it may be time to consider a new mattress. Our consultants are trained to fit you to a mattress that is most comfortable for you, supports your spinal alignment and sleeping preferences, and is within your budget. An amazing night’s sleep is within reach; put it on your to-do list!


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