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Pillows – Is Yours Rough or Ready for Sleep?

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Pillows – Is Yours Rough or Ready for Sleep?

December 9th, 2020

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A pillow is such an underrated character in your bedroom sanctuary and yet many of us are so smitten with our pillows that we bring them along to weekend getaways, overnight visits, or longer stays with families. They are one of the few bedroom items we remove from our beds and use in our lounge rooms, in cars, on planes or under the stars camping.

We use our pillows to snuggle into, fold them over to sit upright and read in bed, we stack them, we discard them through the night, we decorate our bed with them, they offer us comfort when we are unwell, they muffle our laughs and our wailing and they even protect us from scary movie scenes.

At Sleepy’s, our pillow ranges have always been curated with our customers in mind and how they might use their pillow. We are excited to add to our collection, with a range of pillows we know you will love, in any way you choose to use them.

The comprehensive Z ™ pillow line creates levels of comfort and personalisation through the infusion of aromatherapy oils such as chamomile, peppermint and lavender to the unique shoulder cut out, designed especially for the side sleeper! The bamboo and charcoal infused pillow will also help to regulate humidity, temperature and odours.

The memory foam construction of the Z ™ pillow offers neck support, is ventilated for airflow and breathability, and can be used for squeezing, squealing into, snuggling, or even sleeping.  They also come with a removable Tencel cover and will fit most standard size pillowcases.

As you get into bed tonight, take note of your pillow – how do you sleep on it, what kindness do you show it and do you really appreciate the trials you put it through every night.  If it’s time to upgrade, Sleepy’s may just have the perfect pillow for you.

Our Z ™ pillow range is currently only available online and we would be happy to answer any follow up questions you may have through our webchat or you can email us at