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The Benefits of Essential Oils

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The Benefits of Essential Oils

September 24th, 2019

At Sleepy’s we want to share the amazing power of sleep with as many people as possible. As the mattress experts, we know that finding the right mattress to support the entire body has a positive effect on your overall health, to ensure you sleep well, perform well and reclaim your amazing. By creating your very own bedroom oasis to help you sleep healthier there are some additional steps you can add to your bedtime routine that can increase your sleep quality. This spring, add flavour your sleep haven with some essential oils.


Lavender oil is known for having a number of benefits on our body, such as relaxation of central the nervous system, alleviating headaches and improving sleep quality. Research has now shown that lavender essential oil can significantly improve your sleep quality (Hawk, 2018). It is often used as an alternative treatment for sleep insomnia. The lavender aids in relaxation of the body and mind. A few drops of this fragrant oil in your palms, or on your pillowcase will help better your quality of sleep and relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety due to terpenoids like linalool and linalyl acetate, present in lavender essential oil, which have powerful therapeutic abilities (Nagdeve, 2019).


In addition, Rosemary normally used in cooking, also has some calming effects on the mind and body for example it supports healthy digestion and respiratory function, helps reduce nervous tension and occasional fatigue. Inhaling Rosemary oil may help reduce short-term stress and anxiety. The stress hormone, cortisol can suppress your immune system which can contribute to conditions like sleep insomnia that can have harmful effects on your body (McCulloch, 2018). By having Rosemary oils and fragrances handy for a source of relaxation, it has the potential to increase drowsiness, to ease into sleep. Moreover, there are some preliminary studies that suggest Rosemary oil acts as a mild pain reliever, due to the it’s anti-inflammatory properties (Nagdeve.M, 2019).

With these well-being and sleep benefits of Lavender and Rosemary in mind, Sleepy’s Body Mind and Sleep range of bath and body products will help you relax after the rigours of daily life, so you can enjoy a peaceful and uninterrupted night of sleep.

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