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Beauty and the Sleep

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Beauty and the Sleep

March 30th, 2017

“Beauty Sleep” is a term that has always been thrown around, but do you ever question its legitimacy? Turns out, “beauty sleep” is not just a saying we use to let people know it’s time for bed. Within these two words lie plenty of little truths. So if you’re not getting enough sleep, here’s the motivation you might be looking for:

  1. Weight Loss. If you’ve been dieting or exercising, the time that you spend sleeping is your body’s time to repair and recover the muscles that have been working hard all day. Additionally, if you’re asleep you won’t be tempted to snack!
  2. Body Healing. While you sleep, your body produces hormones that work to heal the body from the rigours of your day, such as muscle exertion and sun exposure. It also creates new cells so that when you wake you are a fresher version of yourself – the best version you can be!
  3. Healthy Skin. Your skin produces collagen while you sleep to make your skin glow with healthy blood flow, and look plump and youthful. If you’re lacking in sleep, the blood flow to your face decreases; this can cause a dull pallor.
  4. Pretty Eyes. We all know what bags under the eyes look like. Avoid the puffiness by resting and rejuvenating!
  5. Stress Less. So many of us are stressed, and a lot of the time this is because we are not getting sufficient sleep. By getting the recommended hours of sleep, our brains and bodies are refreshed and ready to tackle the day with positivity.
  6. Smiling. If you’ve had a great 7-9 hours of sleep, you’ll be energetic, refreshed, invigorated, motivated, and smiling all day. That’s why it’s called beauty sleep. J (Sleepy’s exclusive range of chiropractic mattresses can help!)

“Beauty Sleep” is not a myth! If you are taking bedtime for granted, revamp your thinking and view it as a time to nurture your sleeping self. Even if you’re not sleeping, time spent in bed is still time resting and recuperating, and as Doris Lessing said, “Bed is the best place for reading, thinking, or doing nothing.”

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