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Affordable Mattresses

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Sleepy’s are consistently endeavouring to promote the power of sleep to as many people as possible, and we are 100% confident that we have a mattress to support every individual customer. Our Affordable Collection provides equal support and comfort with a range of additional benefits – all within an attainable price range.

Stay Over Trundle Set

If you have ever been caught out with surprise overnight guests, our Stay Over Trundle may be the answer for you! No need to find pumps or pull out your vacuum cleaner to inflate a mattress, instead, you can double your sleeping options by sliding the mattress from under the bed. You can have two sleep surfaces or connect the two pieces together, voila!


We wanted to design a mattress for our customers which exuded peace and quiet, the perfect start to a great night's sleep. The Essence Collection has tencel fabric on the top panel of this mattress, with wool and silk in the quilt layer; this combination creates a tactile soft surface and allows airflow through the mattress. The support core in this collection includes a 3 zone Micro Pocket Spring System which, given the narrower diameter of the spring, conforms and nestles in the curves of your body as you sleep. The micro pocket count in a queen mattress is 1598 individual coils, more than twice the number in other 'market-wide' pockets spring systems. The individual coils support each person in bed and this reduces the motion transfer that can be felt if your partner is moving beside you.


The Breeze Collection encapsulates a peaceful, undisturbed night's sleep on a deeply comfortable pocket spring for minimised partner disturbance. Breeze Plush features a Climatex™ quilted sleep surface for breathability and minimised heat build-up. Eachnmorning you will feel as though you’re on holiday; waking up refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the busy day ahead.


The Liberate Collection forms a part of Sleepy’s Affordable range of mattresses. These mattresses are carefully crafted and designed to deliver comfort and value for money. Featuring the Duracoil continuous spring system that provides support and comfort by distributing your body weight evenly across the mattress. The spring system has significantly more coils than comparable spring systems in this price range, delivering better all over body support. Australian Made and crafted by SleepMaker, the Liberate mattresses utilise Dunlop Foams that have been treated with Ultra Fresh, to deliver a durable and fresh sleep environment, a perfect choice for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Poets Clancy

Enjoy a supportive and hygienic sleep experience on our high performance latex core range. SleepMaker latex is ventilated for air flow and due to the natural properties, antimicrobial. The high quality latex construction also gives you consistent pressure relief and durability. These mattresses are perfect for any of the adjustable bases available from Sleepy’s. There are two comfort levels available in the Clancy range, Contour (medium) and Plush (soft).

Poets Banjo

This collection has been designed to give you freedom of movement and pressure relief with the inclusion of layers of gel infused visco over foam core. The energy absorbing gel particles also help to manage your body temperature to provide a comfortable night’s sleep. These mattresses are made to work on any of the adjustable bases available at Sleepy’s. Depending on your preference, the Banjo range is available in two comfort levels, Support (firm) and Contour (medium).

Contempo MK2

Every mattress in the Contempo MK2 Collection features a 3 zoned Dual Pocket Spring renowned for minimising partner disturbance. Exclusive to Sleepy’s, the Contempo MK2 features Dual Pocket Coil Spring technology and gel-infused latex to alleviate pressure and increase comfort. Nurture your sleeping self on the amazing Contempo MK2 Collection, because sleeping healthier is living healthier!nnThe Contempo MK2 can be customised for an adjustable base, upon request.


Jade, a bright colour representing harmony and balance is similar to our Sleepy’s Jade Collection. Awaken your senses to the new and exclusive, Sleepy’s Jade Collection. A unique combination of function and design, with a knit fabric top panel to support, protect and nurture your body as you sleep. The Jade is available in special edition Florence Broadhurst designs and 4 feels to match your individual preferences. The new Support Touch spring is a type of pocket spring that perfectly contours to the body shape for varying preferences in a mattress, which helps to reduce partner disturbance. The Jade collection also has the benefit of temperature management, to keep your body at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. Pair our amazing Jade mattresses with any of Sleepy’s adjustable bases for more flexibility in your lifestyle.

Enchanted Elfin

Sleepy’s Enchanted Collection has been designed with premium foams and support systems, to deliver incredible rest, recovery and rejuvenation at an affordable price. Embrace the MAGIC of an amazing night’s sleep!

Enchanted Petal

Sleepy’s Enchanted Collection has been designed with premium foams and support systems, to deliver incredible rest, recovery and rejuvenation at an affordable price. Embrace the MAGIC of an amazing night’s sleep!

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