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Adjustable Bed Base Benefits

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Adjustable Bed Base Benefits

July 18th, 2016

When we talk about adjustable bed bases, most people immediately think of hospital beds. However, due to advanced technology and stylish fabrics, adjustable beds are becoming a must-have in households to suit all lifestyles.

Adjustable beds not only help alleviate health concerns such as back pain, swelling and poor circulation; there are many comfort benefits, which include:

  • Relaxing in bed. These days, beds are not just for sleeping in. People often use their beds to watch TV, work on their laptop, update their social statuses, read books and talk on the phone. Adjustable beds offer a far more comfortable alternative to straining the back by using pillows as a back support. Adjustable beds put no strain on the body because you can adjust the position to suite your needs.
  • Massages in your own bed. The Natureflex Luxury Adjustable bed has massage options for the ultimate comfort level. Being able to adjust the massage settings allows the bed to suit everyone. The vibration from the massage helps to relax the muscles and encourages blood flow circulation; preparing you for a healthy and comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Customisable for couples. Couples can benefit from adjustable beds as they are available in split models (such as the split king). Partners who have different needs and preferences can set the bed to their needs, without compromising the preferences of their partner.
  • Luxury and convenience – Having the option to eat breakfast in bed will make your bedroom feel like a holiday oasis!

Adjustable beds are becoming more popular as more people want that touch of extra comfort.

As Always, Sleep Healthy!