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Adjustable Bed Bases

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The adjustable bed base can tilt, bend and follow the lines of your body to offer complete support, pressure relief and exceptional comfort for an amazing night’s sleep.

Pain & Pressure Relief

It is difficult for the body to retain correct posture whilst sleeping on a flat surface; this can often cause tension and reduce the rest and recuperation our muscles should experience during a full night of sleep. The adjustable base will closely match the contours of the body, keeping the spine aligned while supporting the lower lumbar area, relieving compressed pressure, aches and pains in the muscles and joints, as well as associated pain in the back.

Amazing Health Benefits

Adjustable bases come with a range of amazing health related benefits, including: relieving back pain and pressure points, alleviating snoring, easing acid reflux and heartburn, improving digestion and circulation, reducing swelling and allowing for a healthy night of rest and recovery where the body is comfortably supported.


Allowing you to be propped up at a gentle angle without causing strain in the neck, adjustable bases are perfect for working in bed, watching TV, breakfast in bed, reading, relaxing with your feet up and enjoying a restorative, deep sleep. Selected models come with the luxury of a massage function.