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A Miracle Bed that Adjusts to your Lifestyle

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A Miracle Bed that Adjusts to your Lifestyle

June 9th, 2017

When we talk about adjustable beds, most people immediately think of the hospital beds that tilt backwards and forwards. These beds are often found in hospitals because they assist patients with comfort and recovery. But who is to say that only the sick or injured need comfort and recovery? Truth be told, we all need these things, simply after the rigours of everyday life. Adjustable beds don’t just belong in hospitals, they are for everyone – all ages, shapes and sizes – as they adjust to your personal needs and your lifestyle. Additionally, by contributing to the health of your sleep, they are also contributing to your overall wellbeing.

Not only are they super comfortable, but adjustable beds also come with many health-related benefits that may suit you, your family and friends:

  1. Back Pain Relief: Back pain is a painful disruption and can lead to a vast range of problems, such as tension headaches, limited mobility and lack of sleep. An adjustable bed can help! The position of your spine during sleep is critical to your health, and an adjustable bed base will closely match the contours of the body. It will support your head and entire body, keep the spine aligned (which assists in maintaining healthy posture), all while supporting the base of the spine and lower lumbar area.Additionally, by sleeping on a gentle gradient, compressed pressure in the back is relieved.
  2. Snoring Prevention: Adjustable bed bases benefit those who snore (and their partners!) By propping yourself upright slightly in an adjustable bed, it is possible to alter the direction of gravity so that the windpipe is not obstructed. In turn, the sound of snoring will be reduced while the quality of sleep is improved.
  3. Reduced Swelling: Those who are active or work long hours on their feet can often find at the end of the day that their lower legs and feet are swollen. By slightly elevating the legs on an adjustable bed, it is possible to reduce swelling and pain. This is why doctors tell us to keep our injured limbs elevated when they have been sprained or strained! Adjustable bed bases can also prevent complications such as varicose veins and nerve conditions such as sciatica.
  4. Healthy Digestion: Resting slightly upright is highly beneficial for healthy digestion. Even though it is not recommended to eat large meals before bedtime, an adjustable bed can assist your body in processing food during the night.

Adjustable bed bases at Sleepy’s are not only practical for health and sleep purposes, but they are also luxurious. They can be described as the perfect mix between style and comfort, with Bluetooth speakers, USB points, under-base lighting, massage function, head, foot and back tilt. You can sit up and use your laptop, watch TV, or read a book, all in the comfort of your miracle bed that moves to your comfort preferences. With only the push of a button, you can achieve the feeling of weightlessness, as you drift off to sleep and feel your daily worries fade away to “yesterday”.

Adjustable bed bases at Sleepy’s are available in different sizes, and come with warranty and they are on SALE this month!!

Having a healthy and comfortable night’s sleep has never been easier. Ask one of our friendly sleep experts in store today, about how an adjustable bed base can conform to your needs for the perfect sleep every night.