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A Franchise and Business Journey

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A Franchise and Business Journey

April 8th, 2018

Sunil Narayan has operated Sleepy’s Macgregor since September 2011. In search for a future business opportunity, Sunil found the Sleepy’s model a very attractive proposition.

Sunil describes his reasons for choosing Sleepy’s as follows:

‘Sleepy’s has a low cost of entry and is simple to operate when compared to other franchises. Whilst you must put your heart and soul into every business, the Sleepy’s model doesn’t demand extremely long hours as some franchises do (particularly food-based sales!). The stock is not perishable and there is minimal risk of losing stock to spoilage.’

Ongoing success is what every business person strives for and Sunil has some very specific reasons for his own success:

‘Sleepy’s exclusive product range and our unique selling propositions of the 60 night comfort exchange guarantee and free old mattress removal have a large bearing on our success. Also extremely important is great customer service and marketing in the local area, including surrounding shopping centres and casual mall leasing.

My time spent as a Sleepy’s franchisee has made me a better business person. This is due to experience gained while being part of the Sleepys franchise as well as the daily interaction with customers, looking after their bedding needs.’

Sunil adds:

‘If you want to be successful in your business you have to work hard for it and be prepared to change things as the business changes, including yourself.’

‘Being a Sleepy’s franchisee has meant that I have learned a lot over time about how to operate and grow my own business by asking for advice from the Sleepy’s support team, the network of franchisees, company team leaders, attending forums and annual conferences. Before Sleepy’s I didn’t know much about running my own business, let alone growing it to make it really successful. I was a novice when I started but now I am able to manage and grow my own business.’

If you are considering your opportunities with Sleepy’s, Sunil has some good advice for you to consider:

‘Firstly, you must be prepared to do anything and everything to operate your own Sleepy’s business. You must be prepared to back yourself and fill in the gaps.

Make sure you are passionate about selling. You can manage your own staff, handle difficult customers, manage your own finances including cash flow and are able to think outside of the box.’

To demonstrate just how far Sunil has come on his Sleepy’s franchise journey, he was awarded the Franchisee of the Year in 2014/15. This is awarded to the franchisee who has achieved excellent results in the disciplines of sales, product, marketing, business and customer service. He has also received several sales milestone awards and achieved membership of the Sleepy’s Elite Club – a special annual celebration for franchisees who have reached significant sales goals.

The other attribute at which Sunil excels is staff training. He is very thorough ensuring each staff member is set up for success and can effectively operate the store in his absence. This delivers a very confident level of information about Sleepy’s beds and how they can help the customer get the best night’s sleep possible.

Sleepy’s congratulates Sunil on his continuing success!